An Absolute Example of Women Empowerment, Kenyan Entrepreneur Julie Gichuru. Know Her Journey to Sucess, Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth

Women in Africa have a long history of putting their heads over the water under control. Therefore, it is no surprise when African women are recognized and decorated across the continent and world for their brilliant performance in their different areas of activity. In Kenya, for example, if Julie Gichuru is missing, a list of national media sensations will not be complete. Gichuru has a prominent role in more than three booming business areas in Kenya, a well-known entrepreneur, and a media personality.

In addition to being Kenya’s most successful female television presenter, she is one of the most influential female figures in East Africa. In her honor, Gichuru has earned great respect for many charity organizations in Kenya and Africa as a well-known journalist and brand ambassador.

In this article, all we need to know about this iconic media star will be brought to light including less-known facts that you cannot find elsewhere.

Julie Gichuru’s Age, Bio, Parents, Schooling, Career

Born in Nairobi on January 7, 1974, Julie Gichuru. She lived in Dagoretti, Nairobi, a large part of her childhood – on the Wanyee Road in Nairobi.

The parents of Julie have two different ethnic origins. Her mother is a Kikuyu of Kiambu (in the former province of central Kenya) and her father comes from Kashmir, a northern Indian country.

Julie Gichuru’s dad entered Kenya as a migrant at the beginning of the 1990s according to reports. He subsequently started working with the railway company that the British government was building at the time.

Julie Gichuru attended the Nairobi St. Christophers school and moved to the Bangladeshi Green Herald where her dad had been appointed in the military training. She then studied at the Karen C School in Karen, where she spent a term before joining the Standard Four of Loreto Convent Msongari.

At Imani School in Thika, she continued her Form 3 and 4. But after she had been taken out to GCE boarding school from the local 8-4-4 system.

Although today Julie is proud to be a professional criminal lawyer, she was to become an actriz in a childhood dream. She chased her childhood ambition by taking part in acting classes at the then meager income and teething Nairobi Phoenix Theater.

Julie Gichuru dropped out of acting college and decided to study law because of these limitations. Julie Gichuru worked in a food factory in Great Britain during her university years to help her dad raise her education fees. She worked at the beginning of a food line where her main tasks were to identify soils from the food chains and to remove them.

Now, Gichuru has an LLB law and received an MBA from Cardiff Law School, University of Wales, and Cardiff Business School respectively. A professional criminal lawyer.

On her way back from law school, she secured her position on the Kenya TV network (KTN). She moved to Capital FM later before hiring a reporting concert in KTN, where she moved to NTV in 1999, and then to Royal Media Services.

Her pioneering number of TV shows in Kenya has seen Julie’s 15 years plus a stint in the fields of broadcast, print, and digital media… After her shocking departure from Citizen TV in 2017, she works at Kennedy Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Julie Gichuru Family – the renowned TV personality of marriage and children Julie Gichuru is a trainee pilot and entrepreneur with Anthony Gichuru. It is reported that Tony came from one of Kenya’s richest families.

On 29 November 2003, the perfect lovebirds took to the aisle in a splendid marriage, with five children coming to marry them. Julie’s mother would have been five, but some time in 2005 she lost her son, David Arthur Mwaura. The death of her child didn’t leave her devastated; the tragedy nearly kneeled her and still traumatized her to date.

Julie admitted that the death of her child was the lowest point in her life after an interview conducted recently by Drum. She still writes poems for her late son in order to keep the memories fresh.

However, Daniel Gichuru, Joseph Gichuru, Kimoshe Gichuru, and Njeri Gichuru, super mom, and her other kids have all managed to put the tragedy behind.

Although Julie has a host of fans and admirers on her side, she has kept a great deal of her family and private life under her wraps. That could, we believe, have led to the misconceptions of the iconic journalist and endless expectations.

How Much Does Julie Gichuru Earn?

The media Icon Julie Gichuru is not a wealthy family, unlike popular views. In fact, her education at the college had so much impact on her family that her dad had to fight to see her at school.

The renowned TV icon today boasts so many Kenyan investments. Most of her net value is derived from her nice earnings, pay, and other efforts in her business.

Julie owns a production company known as Arimus as well as a mode house known as MIMI, as well as its interests in the film production industry. A foundation called the Footprints Africa Foundation also was created by She and her husband.

We believe that an impressive annual wage will be paid to Julie Gichuru, who is the news anchor and a TV personality, and a journalist. Although its annual salary still remains open, it is believed that its net worth is 400,000 dollars.

Recently, her family bought a new house in Kenya when she spoke about her house. Following thorough research, Julie, Tony, and their four children live at their new house comfortably. The media still do not know the place of the Super House, but we are quite sure it must be located somewhere in one of the top suburbs of Nairobi.