Keke Palmer credits her success to her parents but admits that it is hard to find the right match for a successful woman!

The independent women of today have busy life schedules. They are engrossed in their careers and in elevating it. And they hence find no time for their personal life. Celebrities too have a demanding professional life that leaves them absolutely with little time for relationships. The same is the story of actress Keke Palmer. She is so busy that it affects her love life.

Keke Palmer on her busy life

Keke Palmer, 24 is single and a busy and successful actress. She is young but finds no time for her love life. Hence the latter gets affected. Speaking on ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast, Keke said:

“Dating is terrible for me,”

When I tell you dating is terrible, it’s so terrible because, like, there are times where it will be industry situations and I can tell that the guy is more excited about my career than I am. I’ve dated guys in the industry that are like, ‘I can’t wait until you do a movie like Catwoman and movies like that,’ and I’m like, ‘Are you good? Because I don’t like you getting turned on by where my movie career is going!’”


Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer (Source: Elle)

Keke feels that it is not love but her glorious career that draws men to her. Hence she cannot find the right man and it is difficult for her to date someone.

Will dating outside the entertainment industry help Keke?

Keke had even tried dating people from outside the entertainment industry. But she admits that it was a turn off and did not help her get a proper match. She revealed:

“Then there will be other situations when I’m dating a guy who is not in the industry or maybe he’s not that well known and he comes at me with that like, ‘Im going to get ready to do this and I got a lot of stuff going on and I’m working too’ and it’s like, I get it—you want me to know that you’re not a loser. Please stop overcompensating. So it becomes difficult sometimes to find that sweet spot of somebody who’s not trying to compete with you, that doesn’t feel insecure about your career and that’s not trying to hi-jack your brand.”

Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer (Source: Self)

The man gets inferiority complex and tries to give feelings of grandeur in front of her.

Has Keke stopped thinking of dating someone?

The famous actress Keke has not lost hopes. She has not given up the idea of dating someone or finding the right match for herself. She remains on the lookout for it. Keke has a clear idea about what she wants in the man she will date. She is not going to settle for anything less than that. If she finds such a person, she will start dating. Until then she will continue her hunt for ‘the one’.

Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer with her parents (Source: The Netline)

Keke is deeply indebted to her parents for their sacrifices for her. She credits them for her achievements. Last month, the former child star tweeted that her parents gave up everything for her. Hence she wants to work hard so that their sacrifices for her do not go in vain. Her Twitter post read:

My parents gave up everything for me. I will work till I can’t no more to assure that their sacrifices weren’t in vain. The generational curses shall be overturned in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! -Keke “Keep A Bag” Palmer.”

Short bio on Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is an actress, singer, songwriter, and TV personality. More bio…