Kennyyfye is a popular American Youtuber. He is popular on Youtube thanks to his enjoyable challenge videos, pranks, and storytimes on his channel.

When was Kennyyfye born?

Kennyyfye was born on the 14th of December, 1999 in the U.S. As of 2020, his age is 21. His nationality is American but he has not revealed his ethnicity as of now.

Kennyy seems to be pretty close to his parents. He has featured her mother several times on his channel by pranking her. Still, he has not revealed any details on his parents, not even their names. He has also not mentioned anything regarding his siblings, so he might be a single child.

Kennyy’s education is also a subject of mystery. He seems well educated but has not shared any details on the topic. Also, if he is studying at the moment, he is most probably in the 2nd year of college.

How did Kennyyfye build his career?

Kennyy started his career on Youtube back in October of 2012. He started uploading much later in 2018. Kennyy started with a Q&A video, letting the audience know him better, and then started uploading a lot of vlogs, storytimes, pranks, and challenges on his channel. He comes up with entertaining ideas for his pranks and challenges which make them even more entertaining. He also has a cheerful personality and a great sense of humor. These traits have helped him a lot in gaining the love and support from the audience on Youtube.

As of now, his channel Kennyyfye has gathered over 189k subscribers. The growth of his channel is very impressive considering her started uploading just 2 years ago. He features his girlfriend a lot on his channel and the two constantly prank each other. They also have great chemistry together and fans have loved their videos on the channel. On top of the popular main channel, Kennyy also has a collaborative channel with his girlfriend titled, The 2k Nation. The content on this channel revolves around the couple pranking each other and doing challenges together. This channel is also popular and has over 184k subscribers at the moment.

What is Kennyyfye’s net worth?

Kennyy has not revealed his exact net worth and annual salary as of now. Unfortunately, there are n reliable estimates for these figures on the internet as well.

What are Kennyyfye’s physical statistics?

Kenny is blessed with good looks and has a fit physique. His hair is black and his eyes are brown in color. Aside from this though, he has not revealed his other physical statistics such as his height and weight.

Who is v dating?

Kennyy is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Kira. Kira is also a Youtuber and the two have a collaborative channel together. The couple is also very close and comfortable with one another. They constantly tease and prank each other and also feature each other on social media. Their relationship seems very happy and it’s likely that they will be together for many years to come.

Social Media

Kennyyfye is active and popular on social media. As of now, he has over 74k followers on Instagram and over 600 followers on Twitter.

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