Everything You Need To Know About Cam Newton’s Girlfriend Kia Proctor: Age, Bio, Job, Kid

Kia Proctor is Cam Newton’s longtime girlfriend who plays quarter-back with the national football league Carolina Panthers (NFL). Before Cam, she modeled on many brands, twerked, climbed, and danced as a club stripper on poles, but none of them brought her fame before she became an NFL star’s girlfriend and partner.

This has been more than six years ago, but two of the children born by Kia have already been shared by the couple. Who’s Kia’s other child’s father? Read more about this stunning ex-stripper as we share the details and many others in her biography.

Who is Kia Proctor?

On the 16th day of October 1988 in Virginia-Maryland, Kia Proctor was born and named Shakia Proctor. She adopted the nickname Hazel as a club stripper until she abbreviated her name Shakia further to Kia, which is familiar to her and which she is associated with at present.

Anne Marie and Jerome Proctor are the parents in Kia’s family (father). However, her infancy and education are not available on any media channel until now. In addition to being known as one of the popular strippers, she is also a great party host.

Kia Proctor’s Career

Right from her young age, Kia knew that she was stunning, charming, and dotted with a curvy physics that made people exchange dollars to watch her work. She started her career with her stage name Hazel as a club stripper. She had robbed her hearts at famous clubs and cached them at the hearts of men.

One is the Washington DC Stadium, which was reputed to have served infamous clubs. With the exposition she got from stripping, she went to Atlanta to host everything. She crossed the road with Cam Newton while doing her job as a stripper and club-host. This gave rise to the new life she now enjoys. Eventually, the former polish dancer gave up a modeling career for her club. To date, she has modeled many brands, and so many have won recognition and admiration.

Kia Proctor’s Husband Cam Newton

Looking back on the years that Kia and Cam Newton shared as friends, this reveals that she found the guy she dreams of and didn’t let go soon. They were told to start their relationship in 2013 and to appear together for the first time in the Kentucky Derby. Many people came to the conclusion, after their frequent public appearances, that may be the caring birds have their own hots. Over the years, this clause has been proved correct.

While the others are waiting earnestly for the bridal bell, the two brothers, the son Sebastian Newton, born on 24 December 2015, have been brought up in a relationship. Their first son was followed by Campbell Newton, Sovereign-Dior, born on February 3, 2017, and another son born on July 6, 2018, named Camidas Swain; the fifth child of Kia Proctor was born in 2019; on Instagram, on May 1, 2019, she announced her pregnancy.

Cameron Jarrell Newton alias Cam Newton was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on 11 May 1989. In Atlanta, Georgia, he had his high school education at Westlake High School. His soccer career began. Cam earned his high school record and subsequently graduated from the University of Florida to school, where he continued his adventures in the field, before moving to Blinn College and Auburn University. The Panthers created it as the first overall picture in the 2011 NFL draft. Since joining the Panthers, Newton has remained committed.

How Much Does Kia Proctor Earn?

Kia Proctor may have worked in a strip club for some time, but her net income as a model is not, unlike her partner’s net worth of $45 million, a piece of public information. She lives with her children and a lover-man in affluence.

From her previous relationship, she has another daughter

Kia Proctor had been in an earlier relationship and she had yet to communicate it to the public. It is however known that, while she has been economic in the details about her daughter’s father, whom she lovingly brings to life with Cam Newton, she had a daughter called Shakira. Shakira and the rest of her other children are seen on her social media handles.

Kia Proctor’s Body Measurement

At 5 ft 5 inches (1.68m), the lovely mother of three stands while her frame is balanced by a weight of 55 kg or 121lbs. She has excellent physics which not only has made her an excellent model in her career but which does not reveal the fact that she already bore four kids.