Kirsten Dunst talks about her delayed wedding with fiance, Jesse Plemons!

Actress Kirsten Dunst and her beau, Jesse Plemons are engaged. But they have yet not exchanged wedding vows. The gorgeous actress, Kirsten, 39 spoke to People magazine about their delayed wedding plans.

Kirsten Dunst and her delayed wedding plans

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The beautiful and talented actress, Kirsten Dunst, 39 and her fiance, Jesse Plemons, 33 are together and engaged. But they have yet not gone ahead with their marriage. Things have been delayed. The couple seems to be in no hurry and are taking their own sweet time for it.

Kirsten spoke to media port People and revealed that though they already address each other as husband and wife, things are not yet official and legal. She stated:

“We have to get married at this point. It’s ridiculous. We just haven’t planned a wedding,”

Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst and Jesse (Source: Insider)

Kirsten mentioned that the current ongoing coronavirus 2019 pandemic and her delivery of their second baby caused the delay in their wedding and its planning. She did not feel it right to have a wedding and reception with party during her second pregnancy. She would not have been able to enjoy then. Kirsten said:

“I didn’t want to be pregnant, get married, have a party and not be able to have fun with everybody.”

How Kirsten met Jesse?

Kirsten and Jesse have worked together on many movie projects. Their first togetherness came after they met in the sets of Fargo. This was in January 2017 and the two started a romantic relationship. They also co-starred in The Power of the Dog. Both got nominations for best supporting actor/actress at the Academy awards function for their beautiful portrayal of the characters. Kirsten felt that it was nice to have Jesse besides her on the sets of The Power of the Dog to cope with the painful storyline of the film.

Kirsten Dunst
Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst (Source: Insider)

Jesse proposed to Kirsten in 2017 and she said yes. The couple’s elder son, Ennis Howard arrived in May 2018. Their second child, James Robert was born last year in May and presently is 9 months old.

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Kirsten was wedding in 2018

The actress was in the midst of wedding plans in 2018 before she delivered her first baby. At that time, she had revealed to Kelly and Ryan on their show that she had commenced pinning things on Pinterest for their wedding. At that time, she had said:

It’s really fun, and because we create it together from the beginning, it’s a really nice thing to do together,”

Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst and Jesse (Source: Getty Images)

The American actress had earlier dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal. They were together from 2002 to 2004. Later in 2007, Kirsten was dating Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell. After she broke up with him, in 2012 she started a relationship with her On the Road co-star Garrett Hedlund. They got engaged but after some time of it in 2016 they called 9ff their engagement and split.