What Kye Kelley’s Ex- Wife Has To Say About his Dating Rumors?

Since the famous street outlaws of Kye Kelley’s wife Alisa Mote, who was also his second daughter’s mother, has become a steady buzz. There were a lot of speculations about the abrupt ending of the barely two-year-old marriage but Kelaya’s current relation status takes the cake. Even before his division with Alisa was official, rumors began sneaking round corridors.

Join us in the light of the latest news on the love life of the celebrity car champion, is it true he is already hooked up, and who’s the girlfriend of Kye Kelley? Let’s figure out that! Let’s find out!

About Kye Kelley’s New Girlfriend

The Street Outlaws driver himself confirmed all the rumors which have been made about Kye Kelley and his lady’s new love. After Kelley was nuptial with former wife Alisa for one year and eight months, and Kenadeigh’s daughter Alexa Kelley joined the family for a year and a month.

Since he announced he was relocated, Kye Kelley’s new girlfriend’s identity has no more been shrouded in mystery as Lizzy Musi – a professional drag racer and Pat Musei’s daughter, who is a successful drag racing engine manufacturer.

If you think that this Kelley-Lizzy relationship could have been the first one in the beneficiary’s line since Pat Musi was videoed turning the car’s engine, then that may not be the reality. It’s Kelley’s car that he fondly called The Shocker. Lizzy herself, the full package – a tight slender blonde who’s very quick on the eye, is sure to be another bonus of the car champion.

In comparison, the pretty blond appeared much more nervous about the relationship, because a week before your boyfriend got up to change his, she didn’t waste time changing her relationship status in social media. But at that time she purposely forgot to mention the name of the interest in her love.

Champion of auto racing

One of Lizzy’s first tasks is to help the car racer to his wellbeing as Kye Kelley’s mother. Kelley has been fighting the disease for a while now and was holding a herniated disc in his back.

He’s got a bulging disk in his lower back from the crash he’s been in, according to Street Outlaws champion. On 17 April, however, he went to a chiropractor with hesitation, but the chiropractor seemed to be not adequate after all, as he had to go on emergency procedures some days down the road.

On the 21st of April, Kye Kelley’s girlfriend updated her fans and the general public, encouraging everyone to keep her man in prayer as it was having much trouble. Following the successful emergency treatment, Kelley posted his own update on 24 April. He revealed he could actually stand on his two feet, and finally, he got out of bed.

What Alison Has To Say About Kye Kelley?

In the meantime, there are reports everywhere back home in Mississippi that the current Kelley-Lizzy relationship is very close. Although the rumor is possibly not strong enough to characterize the situation, rumors were published in July 2019 that the racing pair agreed to call it stopping and that its separation is far from pleasant.

As further proof of an iron split, racing forums exploded into an unusual gossip frenzy back in February when Alisa reportedly posted and subsequently deleted a Facebook post criticizing her ex-“THE Lizzy’s DEFINITION OF TRASH” relationship. Alisa was still talking about the post after deleting it, according to sources at the time, saying that fans were taking their screenshots as they were having fun.