Get All Deatails on Lala Anthony’s Life: Age, Bio, Divorce, Children, Career, Net Worth

At the beginning of the 2000s, she was the first MTV video jockey to appear on Total Request Live, but Lala Anthony was no new boy on the block. She has been hosting since then many reality television shows such as Real Chance, Love Flavor, Ray J Love, and more.

It was Joseph Sikora, a US actor, and rapper who, before the name stood permanently, actually gave her the nickname ‘La La,’ almost overlaying her real name.

In this post, we will tell you all about the life, nationality, husband, son, divorce of Lala Anthony, her divorce, and her net value so far in the entertainment industry.

Lala Anthony’s Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Career

Nicole Anthony Alani was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 25, 1979. Her parents were both Americans who were born in Puerto Rico. In a family of four, Lala Anthony is the first child. There are two daughters, Christian Vasquez and two, Solana and Aviana, who is one younger brother. The Power Star was really young in music.

Lala Anthony is fluent in both Spanish and English. She graduated from Howard University with a bachelor of communications.

At the age of fifteen, she was entering a world of entertainment with WQHT-FM and HOT 97.5 when she was in high school in the city of Georgia. A show that she hosted with the American rapper and player Chris Bridges aka Ludacris was granted for Lala.

On Los Angeles 92.3, the Beat tagged B-Syde, at the age of 19. Lala Anthony had effectively run her own show. She quit the radio in 2001 and became a host for the Total Request Live and Direct Impact, one of MTV’s top talents.

In 2003, she left MTV to start her own production company, Krossover Productions, where she created the critically acclaimed documentary about the former World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson labeled Tyson. Two years of experience gained by Lala Anthony to begin anything on her own.

In 2001 Lala Anthony made her first appearance in the movie “The Two can play the game,” and she has appeared other times in movies such as Urban Massacre (2002), Monster Island, You Got served (2004), Think Like a guy, (2012). (2013). In the “Poisoned Motives” episode in 2013, she also appeared in the series Law and Order: Special Victim Unit as Ana. She also took part in TV-shows such as NYC 22 and was repeatedly involved in such shows as Lala Full Court Wedding, Full Court Life, and Real Life Divas.

She produced an item entitled The Love Playbook that is a remembrance of a personal quest for love and succeeding, which was called 5th & mercer in 2013. On January 28, 2014, the book became No. 1 of both the Barnes & Noble list and the New York Times Bestseller List. The book was released. She published her second book in May 2015, entitled “The Power Playbook,” with the success of her first book, but in 2016 she co-produced the play Eclipsed by Diana Gurrira.

How Much Is Lala Anthony Earnings?

As a tele-moderator, actress, filmmaker or journalist, the multi-talented actress and entrepreneur have acquired immense wealth. Your apparel line has added 9 million dollars to its projected net value.

More About Lala Anthony’s Family

Lala Anthonia’s family is unknown, but her parents are said to originate in Puerto Rico and Africa. The name of her mother is given as Carmen Surrillo, but the name of her father is currently not listed. There is also no detail on what their people do for their survival.

Lala Anthony’s Divorce and Children

In April 2017, Lala Anthony, an American Basketball player, filed for separation (not for divorce) from her husband, Carmelo Anthony. This happened after Carmelo had been suspected of having impregnated Mia Angel Burks another woman.

The Lala Anthony 5 ft 6-inch tall has yet to file a divorce, but the couple hopes that they will meet again are pretty slender. On E! At E. In the press, Lala did not seem to want to save the relationship.

Born in Brooklyn on 29 May 1984, Carmelo Kyam Anthony was born. He’s an American NBA that plays for Houston Rockets and is small and strong. The player 6 ft 8″ high has won three to four Olympic Gold medals and a fantastic career.

On 25 December 2004, the pair revealed their participation in a luxury club/restaurant in Cipriani’s, New York, and 6 years later they were married on 10 July 2010. The wedding was filmed as part of La’s Full Court Wedding reality TV show and another La La’s Full Court Life show.

The couple had a son, who was born on March 7, 2007. The couple called Carmelo Anthony. In April 2017, after their separation was approved by the court, Lala Anthony was granted primary custody for her son.