5 Interesting Facts You Must Know About the Famous Youtuber LaurDIY: Age, Bio, Net Worth, Social Media, Tattoo

LaurDIY is Lauren Riihimaki’s YouTube channel, which she founded on 1 December 2011, when she was still an undergraduate school and had the sole objective of offering her followers practical tips on fashion and beauty. She has used the channel to become a personality of YouTube with well over 8.7 million viewers and 1 billion views of the video. She had a blog where she posted pictures that led her readers to mode before she had become a renowned YouTube persona. In her biography and those five fascinating details about the talented vlogger, find out more about LaurDIY.

LaurDIY’s Age, Parents, Early Life

Lauren Riihimaki, b. Gail Riihimaki (Mother) and Grey Rihiimaki, was born on August 11, 1993, in Toronto, Ontario (father). She was born to a Japanese mother and a Finnish mixed dad and Ukrainian. She is of mixed ethnicity. She used to take sports and learned how to swim and skate as she was the only child of her parents who did not have a playmate during her grow-up.

She has gained an interest in music and studied music on instruments such as guitar and piano. She received an award from the best female athlete during her high school. She had attended Alexandra Public School just before her 6th grading, after being moved to Queen Mary Public School to complete her middle school.

She graduated in high school from Winston Churchill High School before she enrolled at Ryerson University where she earned a degree in Graphic Communication and a technology diploma in 2015.

With the channel LaurDIY, the name of the channel is traced back to its name, and its DIY-suffix stands in this way for Do It Yourself, the LaurDIY-combination. Whilst she was a graduate of YouTube in late 2011, she worked with her blog called Desire and Inspires earlier. She used them positively to teach her readers modes and beauty tips.

With a tendency for teaching, it became rather tedious to write down the directions that she had to provide a better forum to improve and give realistic, visual, and moving images to her followers through research and inquiries.

She didn’t have to be reminded of her transformation, with a huge number of views and supportive feedback following her first video uploads. Lauren completed her school and started as a YouTuber to develop a career. Now she is well-known for the brand of contents she practically uploads every Monday, in fashion and in beauty.

On November 7, 2013, she created another channel called LaurDIY2 which posts a number of Vlogmas and any other vlogs about life and travel. Over 505 kilometers with some 14.1 million views were seen in the channel.

In addition to vlogging, the YouTuber has demonstrated their acting abilities in movies; especially, Boo 2! The Night of A Madea Halloween (2017) (2016). The ‘Do It Yourself Queen’ was also trying to do music, a DIY Queen music video, a music video taken at the outside of her house, and several views from the video that she posted. A book titled “Do It Yourself” immediately followed the music.

The unceasing content producer has an online shop at www.laurdiy.com. In addition to online shopping, there are direct connections on the website to your social media feeds, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. There is also a How-to website (Fashion crafting, Jewelry crafting, and Craft Tips). LaurDIY is dog-loving and has a lovely dog that she is naming MooseLaurDIY.

LaurDIY: 5 interesting Facts to KnowAbout The Youtuber

1. Prizes
She received an annual award for individuals and organizations with inspired short contents in real-time, the “house and home” category at the 10th annual ceremony. In addition, in the first edition of the “Lifestyle” category, LaurDIY also won a Streamy trophy.

2. Friend Friend

The glamorous and talented female presence on social media has a lot of admirers and tones. For three years she had been in touch with Alex Wassabi.

The Filipino American YouTube vlogger Alex Wassabi is fast growing. They crashed in September 2018 so they could invest enough time on their best versions to be on the same page according to their emotional video.

3. Net Worth

LaurDIY is fresh, but impressive, with a net worth estimating at $450,000 on YouTube, which will undoubtedly grow as she prospered with her career in the years to come.

4. Split Social Media

Although LaurDIY has said it will take a break after its emotional breakup with their young babe Alex from posting on their YouTube channel, it has still told its thriller of its fans that it will work on other media outlets, such as Instagram, where it commands approximately 4.6 million followers and a follow up of 5.95 million on its Twitter account.

5. Tattoo, Height, Weight

The YouTube figure is 5 feet (1,62 m) high, its height is perfectly complemented by a weight of 55 kg (121lbs). LaurDIY has a tattoo on its waist – 1932, which was claimed to be his grandfather’s year of birth. As a mark of respect, she engraved it on herself. He died at university when she was still.