Lauren Goodger, pregnant with second baby of ex-boyfriend, Charles Drury, is depressed

Lauren Goodger is pregnant with the child of her ex Charles Drury. She dumped him over cheating allegations. But now, she is feeling depressed, Lauren stated on her social media post.

Pregnant Lauren Goodger and her depression

Lauren Goodger, 35 is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend, Charles Drury’s baby. But during this journey to becoming a mom for the second time, Lauren has faced a number of struggles in life. She shared a post on her social media about how she feels now. Lauren put up on her Instagram story:

“Being a mama is not easy. You still have to be a mama when you’re stressed, depressed, burnt out, crying, and struggling.

“Mothers are superheroes. You won’t change my mind on that.”

Lauren Goodger
Pregnant Lauren Goodger and her daughter (Source: The Mirror UK)

Lauren does find it hard to go ahead with the pregnancy without the father of the baby around.

The relationship timeline of Lauren and Charles

Towie star, Lauren began dating Charles Drury, a builder by profession in October 2020. Soon, Charles moved to the Essex home of Lauren. Soon, they announced Lauren’s pregnancy news. They welcomed their first baby daughter Larose in July 2021. But in November 2021, the couple split. Lauren told New! Magazine:

“Listen, moving house and having a baby are very stressful things.

“Having a baby, as well as it being a beautiful and amazing thing, really does test couples.

“For Charlie, it’s a lot of change and I think he was quite overwhelmed with everything. As much as he loves me and Larose, he had to take five minutes out.”

Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury (Source: Digital Spy)

But a few weeks later, they were together again.

Lauren’s second pregnancy and Charles’ infidelity

Just 8 weeks after Larose was born, Lauren got pregnant again. She told OK magazine that she was shocked with the news. Revealing details, she said:

I hadn’t had a period for quite a few weeks, my nipples were killing me and when I was breastfeeding the pain was unbearable. I thought, ‘I bet you I’m pregnant!’ And I did a test and it said positive.

“We weren’t very careful and Charlie was really pleased, but being honest I was really in two minds about it. I was like, ‘I’m just getting myself back together – I’m going back to square one. Is this fair?’

“You get real mum guilt, like, ‘What about Larose? She’s still a baby, she still needs me, I won’t be able to be there for her.’

“A lot went through my mind which is why I’ve held out a bit longer until I’ve announced it. Charlie was like, ‘I really want this baby.’ And I said, ‘So do I.’ I made the decision to go ahead with it and I’m so glad I did.”

Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger, Charles, and their first child (Source: The Sun UK)

Later, she came to know that during her second pregnancy and separation, Charles had a fling with Amy Gilbert. Lauren was deeply hurt and kicked Charles out of her house.

Short bio of Lauren Goodger

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