Leslie Van Houten

Leslie Louise Van Houten is an American convicted murderer and former member of the Manson Family.

Leslie Van Houten is an American convicted murderer and a former member of the “Manson Family”. Van Houten is currently in prison with the criminal penalty of life imprisonment with the dictation of death because of her high-level criminal status(murder) of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

What is Leslie Van Houten famous for?

– Houten is famous as a convicted murderer with her high-level criminal status.

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When was Leslie Van Houten born?

Leslie Van Houten was born on August 23, 1949, in Altadena, California, USA. Her birth name is Leslie Louise Van Houten. Her nationality is American and Leo is her zodiac sign.

Leslie was born in a middle-class churchgoing family. She was born to Paul Van Houten(father), an automobile auctioneer, and Jane Houten(mother), a teacher. Her parents divorced when she was 14years old in 1963.

Leslie grew up along with an older brother and two adopted siblings, a brother and a sister, who were Korean.

Leslie at around the age of 15, started taking LSD, Benzedrine, and hashish and at 17, Leslie became unruly and pregnant. Her mother forced her to abort the child after which she developed high anger towards her mother.

She attended Monrovia High School, where she was named as the “Homecoming Princess” and she also was a cheerleader.

Leslie Van Houten: Manson Family and Murder?

– Van Houten when was 19, met her fellow commune dwellers Catherine Share and Bobby Beausoleil in 1968. She moved in with them and then she was introduced to a man named Charles Manson, a criminal and songwriter.

Thus, she became the youngest member of the “Family”.

– After joining the commune, she soon became a leader in the Family, and admitted that she was “saturated in acid”. Manson had involved followers in criminal activity such as auto theft and residential burglaries.

Van Houten also was a pro in it that she burglarized her father’s home twice had been arrested and spent a few days in jail.

– Houten has many cases of murders in her criminal phase amongst them: the murder of Gray Hinman took great news with another murder of Sharon Tate taking a good rank in the market of murder.

– Then Houten was teamed with a group that was sent to kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca(neighbor of Manson). The couple was killed fearfully as about 47 stabs wounds were found on the dead body of Labianca.

– Houten was arrested and charged with the murder, however, when she was asked she denied being connected with Charles Manson.

– After almost two years, Van Houten was convicted of murder and became the youngest criminal in California’s history to be given a death sentence. However, in 1972, the state abolished the death penalty, so her punishment was altered to life imprisonment without parole.

– On September 6, 2017, Van Houten appeared before a parole panel for the 21st time.

How is Leslie Van Houten’s personal life?

Van Houten was married to William Syvin on 23 August 1982 but the couple got divorced within 2 months on 26 October 1982.

What is the net worth of Leslie Van Houten?

The famous convicted criminal, Houten has been able to collaborate with the net worth of around $10k USD which she earned by her illegal acts.

She had no such money from her salary and she used to spent her amount on illegal acts.

How tall is Leslie Van Houten?

Thre 70 aged, Houten has an average body. She stands tall with a height of 5ft 4inches.

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