Lindsay Hubbard talks about her miscarriage of Jason Cameron’s baby to her new boyfriend, Carl Radke!

Summer House star, Lindsay Hubbard had something sad to reveal on the show premiere on this Monday. The star who is now dating Carl Radke disclosed that just a couple of months back, she had a miscarriage. It was her ex-boyfriend, Jason Cameron’s baby.

Lindsay Hubbard talks about her miscarriage

The reality TV star of Summer House fame, Lindsay Hubbard was on the show’s premiere episode that sired on Monday. She was talking to her costar, Carl Radke, 36 who is now her boyfriend. She told him about how she miscarried her ex-boyfriend, Jason Cameron’s baby when she was just 6 months pregnant with it. Lindsay, 35 said:

“Remember I was talking to you like a month ago, and I was like ‘Something’s up with my body. It’s either this COVID vaccine’s really f–ked my hormones or I’m pregnant.’ The next day I went to the gynecologist and found out I was six weeks pregnant.”

Lindsay Hubbard
Lindsay Hubbard (Source: Nicki Swift)

She continued:

“By Wednesday, I was in the emergency room for five hours. It all happened so quickly that I wasn’t able to even emotionally wrap my mind around the pregnancy portion of it before I was having a miscarriage.”

Lindsay also said that Jason was wonderful when he learnt about it. But the New Yorker, Lindsay wanted to go through it on her own:

“I would have absolutely had this child. That was cool to feel that. I never thought that it would happen like that for me. It’s something I’ve always wanted my entire life, to have a family.”

The relationship of the couple: Jason and Lindsay

Lindsay who is the Hubb House PR creator met Jason, 35 on the show Winter House in February 2021. She loved him and gushed about him on that show:

“Jason’s hot as f–k and he can cook! He’s just so calming and sweet and sexy. Are you kidding me, those abs? Jesus, and the below the abs? Oh, my God, forget it. This guy’s been here this whole time, and I was over here distracted by idiots. … I lay in bed with him and I’m just like, is this f–king for real? And I think he’s so sweet, he’s so genuine and just want to make sure that’s actually the case. I wanna like, bring him home to my apartment back in the city.”

Lindsay Hubbard
Lindsay Hubbard and Jason (Source: Page Six)

They were together even after the series was over. But in July 2021, Summer House shoot started. But her relationship with Jason ended and one month back, it came to light that she and Carl are now a couple.

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Carl and Lindsay relationship

After the couple started dating, they are happy. Carl hails from Pennsylvania and he told US weekly exclusively on 11 January 2022:

We’re very happy. She’s someone that’s been an incredible support and part of my life [for years]. … The bond we have over these summers and over our life — the last six, seven years — is unmatched.”

Lindsay Hubbard
Lindsay Hubbard and Carl (Source: Page Six)

He also felt bad that Lindsay had miscarried. Headers that he regrets that he was not very supportive of her at that time. He would have been more supportive if he had known of it then, he said. The Pennsylvania consultant added:

“It was a lot to take in, and I think men do struggle sometimes in fully understanding some of those female types of things in their life. I think men could do a better job of understanding and supporting it. So I’d like to learn and continue to try and find ways to support her.”