Who is Lisa Joyner? Know All About Lisa Joyner’s Age, Bio, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Facts

Lisa Joyner is an American Journalist, TV talk show host, and actress. Some of her well-known works are her correspondences for the Los Angeles-based TV KCBS, inFANity show, Find My Family Show including her film and television appearances in BrimstoneAmerican Sweetheart, The Bold, and The Beautiful among others.

Lisa’s passion for reconnecting people with their biological families has kept her as a co-anchor of the Long Lost Family talk show with American on-air personality, Chris Jacobs. The show is done in conjunction with Ancestry.com who helps administer DNA tests in order to determine a person’s root and origin. The show airs on The Learning Channel (TLC) cable networks and has scored about 46 episodes and 3 seasons so far since its inception in March 2016.

Read on to learn more about this delectable being’s biography, her ethnicity, net worth as well as who she is currently married to, among other juicy tales.

Biography and Ethnicity

She was born as Lisa Marie Joyner on the 31st day of December 1966 in San Diego, California but was adopted by parents of dual ethnic heritage who were Caucasian and Asian. Not much information is available in the media about her adoptive or births parents, background, and formative years. We can relate to the fact that she is one of the television personalities that has worked in the media world as both a host and correspondent as well as an actress.

Her first known professional work was with the Fox-owned television channel, KTTV, and the CBS affiliate station KCBS television where she worked as a correspondent for the channels before she made her way into the Hollywood movie industry.

Lisa has had over six television show appearances in shows like The Long Lost Family (2018), This is Life (2017), the Find My Family show through which she reunites adopted children and their biological parents or families (2009 to 2011), and of course the InFANity show (2009) that aired on POP TV aka TV guide Network which gave her wide national recognition. Her other guest appearances include Long Island Medium (2016), Home and Family (2016), and Access Hollywood Live (2017 to 2018) among others.

So far, Joyner has also distinguished herself as a worthy actress following her feature in some films and television shows such as the mystery film Brimstone (2016), the American action film; xXx: State of The Union (2005), the American comic romance, American Sweethearts (2001) where she acted as Laura Messinger, she later featured as a reporter, in the crime drama, 24 in 2002 and as reporter No.1 in the famous soap opera series The Bold and the Beautiful.

Lisa Joyner’s Net Worth

Joyner’s net worth has been estimated to be well within $14 million, a sum she amassed from her time in the entertainment industry. She has made movie appearances and co-hosted quite a number of talk shows for which she was handsomely rewarded.

Other Key Facts

1. Her Husband Is The Emmy Award Winner Jon Cryer

Lisa Joyner is married to the famous American Actor Jon Cryer. The couple got wedded in June 2007 in Mexico. Cryer was born on the 16th of April 1965 and he is also a director well known for his appearance in the Two and Half Men series.

2. Lisa Joyner is a Mother of One 

Two years after they got married, the lovely actress and her husband Jon Cryer, adopted a girl whom they named Daisy in September 2009. However, she is also a step-mum to Charles Austin Cryer, Jon Cryer’s son from his first marriage.

3. Joyner Is Not Social Media Shy

Lisa Joyner’s background details may not be accessible online as of now but she has social media handles that are functioning and up to date. She constantly makes posts on her Instagram and Twitter handles about what she has been up to. The pages have a tangible number of followers on both platforms. Her Instagram handles currently have about 55k followers while her Twitter handle has racked up about 33k followings.

4. Height and Body Measurement

The talk show host has a nice slender physique which she has successfully maintained over the years with healthy eating habits and exercise. Her full neatly maintained shape sure does not reflect her true age. She has beautiful brown eyes and stands at the average height of 5 ft 7 inches, just a few inches shy of her husband’s 5ft 9 inches.