Localblackchild is a popular American Youtuber. She rose to fame on Youtube for her well-made and informative beauty content, vlogs, storytimes, and also videos giving life advice and tips.

When did Localblackchild come into being?

Localblackchild, whose real name is Gabrielle, was born in the United States on November 30, 2000. She will be 20 years old in 2020. Her race is African American and her nationality is American.

Gabrielle keeps her personal life private and hasn’t said much about her parents. She has also made no mention of her siblings, implying that she is a single child. Gabrielle’s upbringing is unknown, aside from the fact that she was raised in the United States.

Gabrielle’s schooling is still shrouded in secrecy. She seems to be well educated, but she has kept her education a secret. If she is currently enrolled, she is most likely in her second year of college, based on her age.

How did Localblackchild make a name for herself?

Gabrielle began her YouTube channel in 2012 under the name Localblackchild. She only began streaming more regularly in 2019 after posting her first video in June of 2018. She has gained a lot of popularity on Youtube for her beauty-related content since then. She also had a variety of storytimes and vlogs on her YouTube channel. Her optimistic attitude and educational content were well received by the YouTube audience, and she rapidly rose to prominence.

Gabrielle’s channel has over 408k subscribers despite the fact that she has only been sharing videos for a little over a year. Her material is still the same, but she has recently started doing more challenges and live advice videos. Gabrielle puts a lot of time and effort into her videos, and she often comes up with fresh and interesting ideas. If she keeps up her current YouTube consistency, her channel will almost certainly grow significantly in the future.

What is the net worth of Localblackchild?

As of now, Localblackchild has not disclosed her net worth or annual income. Unfortunately, no credible estimates of these figures can be found on the internet.

What are the physical stats of Localblackchild?

Gabrielle has a pretty face and a healthy and sexy body. Her hair is naturally black and her eyes are dark brown. However, since she always tries out various hair colors, hairstyles, and wigs, it’s difficult to tell what her natural hair color is. Gabrielle hasn’t shared any details about her height, weight, or body measurements as of yet.

Localblackchild is dating who?

Maleek View, Localblackchild’s boyfriend, is now her boyfriend. In some of her Instagram captions, she has discussed missing him and wanting to go on dates again. It’s also quite likely that her relationship with Maleek is a long-distance relationship, based on this caption. Gabrielle hasn’t shared any other information about their relationship, such as when they began dating or something about Maleek.

The Internet and Social Media

On social media, Localblackchild is successful and well-liked. She currently has over 61k Instagram followers and over 2.8k Twitter followers.

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