Looner Julius and his sexual love for balloons!

Love is for humans and a number of other things. But romantic or sexual love of one human is invariably for another human normally. But in the case of married man Julius, it is different. He is sexually attracted to balloons. Hence he is looner Julius.

Looner Julius and his sexual love for balloons

There is a program running on TLC called My Strange Addiction. In this, a man named Julius opened up about his obsession with balloons. He has a history of 50 years affair with balloons. On the show, Julius revealed that he is strongly attracted to the colorful latex. And he has a special connection with them. Therefore, Julius called them “beautiful, soft, smooth, delicate”. Additionally, he said this of his sexual love for balloons:

“I’ll hug it and I’ll kiss it and it will be like being in heaven,”

Looner Julius
Julius (Source: Ladbible)

He has 50k balloons in his house. With each of them, he holds a special bond. Also, he sleeps in a room that is full of balloons every night. Amongst these, there are some that he likes more. They are his favorites. Furthermore, he compares himself and his preference to a person who opts for either blondes or brunettes. He admitted:

“Intellectually I know that balloons are not alive but sometimes I wonder if it is my love for them that brings them alive,”

Julius’ wife and the balloon rescue

Julius, 62 was admitted into a hospital at his age of four years. At that time,this mom gave him a blue balloon. Since then, he is attracted to them and gets sexually aroused with them. But that night, a nurse had popped his balloon. He cried a lot and fell asleep. Hence the sound of balloon bursting devastates him to date. People with a sexual fetish for balloons are called looners. Giving more info, looner Julius revealed that there are two categories of lookers: poppers and non-poppers:

“You got the poppers that get aroused by popping balloons and you got your non-poppers. I’m a non-popper.”

Additionally, he also rescues balloons:

“I’ll go to car dealerships and do what I call a ‘balloon rescue”.

“When they set them out early in the morning they’re really beautiful. And as the sun bakes on them, they get really dull, misshapen.”

“I feel that I give them a second chance at life.”

The man went on to disclose that he is in a marrital relationship

Looner Julius
Julius with a fetish for balloons (Source: Pinterest)

with a woman. Despite his wife feeling his behavior strange, she has learned to accept it.

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Is sexual love for balloons abnormal of wrong?

Julius added:

“When I see a beautiful balloon, my heart starts to flutter and I get aroused.”

“I’ll take a 12 inch and I’ll inflate it to 11 inch. That way it can take a lot of abuse.”

“I’m holding one, you know hugging it, I’ll kiss it, and it’s like being in heaven. I mean, don’t you like hugging and kissing a woman that you love?”

Looner Julius
Julius (Source: TOI)

Is all this abnormal? Julius says in the negative. He revealed:

“I’ve seen a psychologist before and the only thing he said to me was, ‘Well, you’re not hurting anybody, so why worry about it?’

“I see nothing wrong with loving balloons and I’m gonna continue glove balloons because that’s what makes me happy.”