Lyrica Anderson files for divorce from her estranged husband, A1 Bentley

Another celebrity marital relationship has ended. Love and Hip Hop star, Lyrica Anderson has filed for divorce from her husband, A1 Bentley.

Lyrica Anderson files for divorce

The actress on the show, Love and Hip Hop, Lyrica Anderson was on Friday 7 January 2022 at a Los Angeles court to put in her documents for divorce from her husband, A1 Bentley.

Lyrica Anderson
Lyrica Anderson and A1 (Source: Getty Images)

The exact reason of their separation is not clear yet. But on the reality TV show, the couple was very frank as regards their marital issues. During the 2018 season of the show, ‘L&HH: Hollywood’, A1 had accused Lyrica of cheating on him. She was simultaneously having an illicit relationship with the ex of Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuels. It had become quite a drama at that time.

Lyrica and her alleged infidelity

In 2018, Lyrica was pregnant. Her husband, A1 and his family believed that the child was not of A1. They wanted a paternity test on the offspring in order to know whether the child was A1’s or belonged to someone else. Lyrica undertook the paternity test and it revealed that A1 indeed was the father of the child. The allegations fell flat.

Lyrica Anderson
Lyrica Anderson with son Ocean (Source: Instagram)

The child was born in November 2018 and it was their son, Ocean Zion Bentley. The reality TV star had revealed that shortly after delivering Ocean, she suffered a major health scare. She disclosed:

“Well, first of all it was a tough pregnancy. Not the symptoms, well the symptoms a little bit but it was just a lot of emotional things going on and I just kept worrying that I didn’t want to have an accidental or early birth or go into labor from stress or anything like that…”

“After the birth was when it got a little traumatic. I ran a super high fever out of nowhere. I started going into some sort of convulsions. And I couldn’t stop shaking for 7 hours straight, just shaking, shaking, shaking with a fever. Then, I couldn’t stop itching.”

She probably had a bad allergic reaction to something.

The relationship timeline of the couple

Lyrica and A1 were on the VH1 show ‘L&HH’ since 2016. Their relationship prior to that is not certain. They eloped and wed the same year. But they had marital issues right from the start. These were the main storyline of the show episodes. The couple tried hard to make their marriage work but were unsuccessful in it. Their son Ocean was born on 30 November 2018. A1 was also accused of having an affair with Summer Bunni.

Lyrica Anderson
Lyrica Anderson and A1 split (Source: US magazine)


In August 2019, Summer came forth and told Lyrica that she had sex with A1 on multiple occasions. Summer said:

“He knows he’s married, too, so why is it always me? I came to you as a woman and let you know.”

But Lyrica was not happy with the confession. She told Summer:

“You slept with my husband and didn’t give a f***.”

Later, Lyrica confronted A1 and asked him. A1 admitted that he had done the act during Lyrica’s pregnancy. He also defended his wrongdoing. Upset, Lyrica had broken up with him.

Short bio on Lyrica Anderson

Lyrica Anderson is a reality TV star on the USA show on VH1 called Love and Hip Hop. More bio…