Margot Rooker

Margot Rooker is a popular American celebrity wife. Although she is very private and keeps a low profile, she is still popular as the wife of the popular actor, Michael Rooker.

When was Margot Rooker born?

Due to her private nature, Margot has not revealed even the basic information about her date of birth, birthplace, and age as of now. We do know that she is of American nationality but there is no information regarding her ethnicity.

Not much is known about Margot’s parents and family as well. All we do know is that her father worked as a farmer and that her mother was a housewife. Margot grew up in a small village near New Jersey along with at least one sibling. We know that she has siblings as they have accompanied Margot and her husband Michael to various events. But still, the details on the number of siblings she has and their names have been kept private.

Talking about her education, Margot graduated from a local high school. She was excellent in her studies tough and eventually studied at Harvard with a scholarship. She is a Harvard graduate but the subjects she majored in or the year she graduated are a still mystery. But we do know that Margot had a passion for basketball, volleyball, theater, and speaking in her college days. As such, she was on her college basketball team and also showed her speaking skills by representing her college in inter-college debate competitions.

How did Margot Rooker rise to fame?

Margot Rooker is popular among a lot of moviegoers as the wife of popular actor Michael Rooker. Before her marriage, Margot worked at a local restaurant as a chef. Her skills as a chef even earned her the position of the head chef as time went by. At around this time, Margot met Michael and soon got married. After marriage, Margot quit her job and started living as a housewife. As such, she is devoted to her family and Michael has even praised her several times for her love and support.

Talking about her husband, Michael is a talented actor. He started small but has seen a lot of success until now thanks to his hard work and dedication. Most fans recognize Michael for his excellent portrayals of Bill Broussard in JFK, Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead, and Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

What is Margot Rooker’s net worth?

Margot has not revealed her net worth or annual salary as of now. But she does share the huge sum of 8 million dollars with her loving husband Michael.

What are Margot Rooker’s physical statistics?

Margot is blessed with black hair and brown eyes. Other than this, there is no information on her height, weight, or body measurements.

Who is Margot Rooker dating?

Margot Rooker is currently in a relationship with her husband, the prominent actor Michael Rooker. Margot and Michael met through mutual friends at a marriage party back when Michael was still struggling as an actor. The two hit it off and started dating and got engaged shortly after. The couple finally got married on the 22nd of June, 1979 and the two have been together for almost 42 years. Margot and Michael have two children together, a daughter Alynne and a son Gillian.

Social Media

Margot is not active on any social media platforms at the moment as she prefers keeping a low profile.

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