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Mark Wahlberg is a famous American actor, producer, and former rapper. Mark Wahlberg who gained fame as a member of the rap group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and then as a Calvin Klein model before launching a successful film career. Wahlberg was the youngest of nine children in a working-class family living in the Dorchester district of Boston.

He has a bad boy image at a young age. He was charged with several cases, harassment, attempted murder, and assault and been sentenced for two years but served only 45 days. He turned to film in the 1990s, earning acclaim for his work in The Basketball Diaries, Boogie Nights, and Three Kings. Wahlberg was involved in the Academy Award-winning films The Departed and The Fighter and has since steadily churned out starring roles in such features as Transformer: Age of Extinction, Ted and Daddy’s Home.

He has won the British Academy Award for Best International Programme for “Entourage” in 2007, MTV Movie & TV Awards for Best On-screen Duo for the movie “Ted” in 2013. He has also won Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best cast in 2006, and 2010 for “Boogie Nights”, “The Fighter”.

What is Mark Wahlberg famous for?

  • Rose to fame as rapper Marky Mark.
  • Great Movie works in the Boogie Nights, Basketball Diaries, Three Kings, and Transformer.
  • The major turning point in Wahlberg’s career came with the role of troubled porn star Dirk Diggler in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights (1997).
  • Named one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.
  • Ranked #1 on VH1’s “Hottest Hotties of the 90’s”.
  • Awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6259 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on July 29, 2010.

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What Nationality is Mark Wahlberg?

Mark Robert Micheal Wahlberg by his birth name. He was born on 5 June 1971 in a poor working-class district in Dorchester of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He is an American citizen. He is from white Ethnicity. He holds an American nationality.

He is the son of Alma Elaine (Donnelly), a nurse’s aide and clerk, and Donald Edward Wahlberg, a delivery driver. Wahlberg is the youngest of nine children. He is of Swedish (from his paternal grandfather), French-Canadian, English, Irish and Scottish, descent. The large Wahlberg brood didn’t have a lot growing up, especially after his parents divorced when he was eleven. About his education, Wahlberg dropped out of high school at age fourteen (but later got his GED) to pursue a life of petty crime and drugs. He’d spend his days scamming and stealing, working on the odd drug deal before treating himself to the substances. He received his high school diploma 25 years after dropping out of the Snowden International School in Massachusetts (previously known as Copley Square High School).

 He is the youngest son of his family. He has 9 siblings. His older siblings are Arthur Wahlberg, James Wahlberg, Debbie Wahlberg, Michelle Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, Tracey Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg, and Donnie Wahlberg. Robert, Donnie, and Mark are from their mother’s third marriage with Donald Wahlberg. Half-siblings from his father’s side of the family are Scott Wahlberg, Buddy Wahlberg, and Donna Wahlberg. By religion, he is Roman Catholic, despite the church’s opposition he openly supports same-sex marriage. He is Gemini by Zodiac Sign.

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Wahlberg, born the youngest of nine children all living in a three-bedroom apartment, dropped out of school around the age of fourteen and joined a gang.  During this time, he was reportedly in trouble with the law around 20-25 times, for dealing drugs and various other offenses. He also claims he became addicted to cocaine during this period.  

Social Media Presence

He has a big craze fan followers on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Twitter: Mark and he has 3.9M followers.

Instagram: Mark and he has 15.5M followers.

Facebook: Mark and he has 20.24M followers.

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Mark Wahlberg Career Timeline

  • Born in 1971 in Massachusetts, Mark Wahlberg embarked on the early life of crime before following brother Donnie into the music business, rising to fame as rapper Marky Mark. He turned to film in the 1990s, earning acclaim for his work in The Basketball Diaries, Boogie Nights, and Three Kings. Wahlberg was involved in the Academy Award-winning films The Departed and The Fighter and has since steadily churned out starring roles in such features as Transformer: Age of Extinction, Ted and Daddy’s Home.
  • His father was of half Swedish and half Irish descent, and his mother’s ancestry is 11/16ths Irish, one-eighth French-Canadian, one-eighth English, and one-sixteenth Scottish. Mark’s paternal grandfather, Axel Simon Wahlberg, was the son of Swedish immigrants, Axel Gustaf Wahlberg and Ida Albertina Nordstrom. He is from a poor background family where his father is a delivery driver and his mother works as a nurse’s clerk. It was hard for him to survive when their parents got divorced and at 14 Wahlberg dropped out of school and began making his living on the streets — hustling, stealing, and selling drugs. Two years later, he hit rock bottom when he was jailed for his role in the savage beating of a Vietnamese man. His 45-day stint in prison was a self-proclaimed turning point for the 16-year-old; vowing to turn his life around, he also devoted himself to bodybuilding, chiseling his body into impressive form.
  • By the time Wahlberg had emerged from prison, his older brother Donnie had rocketed to stardom as one of five fresh-faced members of the pop band New Kids on the Block. Donnie soon decided to help his younger brother find his own niche in the music business. 
  • What Mark Wahlberg lacked in singing ability, he made up for in charisma and good looks; he took on the name of Marky Mark, and with a DJ, backup dancers (dubbed “the Funky Bunch”) and Donnie’s producing help, he recorded a debut album, Music for the People (1991). Driven by the success of the hit singles “Good Vibrations” and “Wildside” — and by Marky Mark’s readiness to discard his clothes onstage and in his videos — the album went platinum.
  • One of pop music’s hottest new commodities, Wahlberg (and his rock-hard physique) became even more ubiquitous when he signed a two-year contract with the designer Calvin Klein to model underwear. His raucous public persona — he once was involved in a much-talked-about brawl with Madonna’s entourage at a Los Angeles nightclub — only served to increase his popular appeal, until news began surfacing about his criminal past and his possibly racist and homophobic tendencies.
  • After appearing in a 1993 television movie, The Substitute, Wahlberg made his big-screen debut in Penny Marshall’s Renaissance Man (1994), playing one of a group of Army recruits taught by Danny DeVito’s ex-advertising salesman. His innate screen presence led to his casting in his breakthrough role, that of the drug-addled best friend of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Basketball Diaries (1995), a small-scale but acclaimed film based on poet-musician Jim Carroll’s autobiography of his adolescent struggles with heroin addiction.
  • After two more attention-getting performances in Fear (1996) and Traveller (1997), Wahlberg cemented his artistic and commercial reputation with a starring role as dishwasher turned porn star Eddie Adams (a.k.a. Dirk Diggler) in Paul Thomas Anderson’s buzzworthy Boogie Nights (1997). Though his next two films — The Big Hit (1998) and The Corruptor (1999) — were less than successful, Wahlberg returned with a bang in the acclaimed Three Kings (1999). The film co-starred George Clooney, Ice Cube, and Spike Jonze as renegade U.S. servicemen in the Persian Gulf during the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf War conflict.
  • In 2000 Wahlberg re-teamed with Clooney (and Diane Lane) in The Perfect Storm, an adaptation of Sebastian Junger’s best-selling account of a boat full of fishermen caught in a killer storm in the North Atlantic. In late 2000, Wahlberg co-starred with Joaquin Phoenix and James Caan in the crime drama The Yards. The following year, he took on a headbanging role in Rock Star, alongside Jennifer Aniston, and the title role of a remake of the classic Planet of the Apes, with Tim Roth and Helena Bonham Carter.
  • In 2003 Wahlberg co-starred with Charlize Theron in the heist thriller The Italian Job and followed by joining Lily Tomlin, Jude Law, Naomi Watts, and Dustin Hoffman for the 2004 existential comedy I Heart Huckabees. In 2006 Wahlberg picked up his first Academy Award nomination for his work on the crime drama The Departed. The Martin Scorsese film also starred Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon.
  • Two years after of the thriller movie “The Happening” in 2008, which was the disappointment both critically and commercially; he earned raves for his starting role in the gritty 2010 boxing film “The Fighter” where he helped producing and the movie was based on the life of boxer Micky Ward and were nominated for the Best picture movie. In 2012 he starred in the hit comedy Ted with Seth MacFarlane and he played for. He came back a challenging movie dedicated to a real-life US army named “Lone Survivor” in 2013. Then he starts doing Transformers series in Transformers; Age of Extinction (2014). 
  • He served as an executive producer on such television shows as Entourage, In Treatment, and Boardwalk Empire. In 2014 Wahlberg launched another small-screen project, appearing as himself, along with brothers Donnie and Paul, on Wahlburgers. Airing on A&E, the show focuses on (and takes its name from) the Wahlberg family’s hamburger restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts, as well as the brothers’ quirks and interactions. The series received a warm reception from the start and continues to date.

Awards and Nominations

There are numerous awards and nominations honored for several categories in various years. He has won FFCC (Florida Film Critics Circle) Award in 1998, won ICP Award for Best supporting performance for “The Departed” movie in 2006, won 

Monte-Carlo TV Festival for Best International Producer-comedy for “Entourage” in 2006, won Boston Society of Film Critics Awards for Best Ensemble Cast for “The Fighter” movie and Best Actor for the same AAFCA Awards in 2010. He has also nominated for Oscar Award, Golden Globes USA, for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for “The Departed” movie in 2007 and 2011. He was also nominated for comedy series movies for the “Outstanding comedy series”, “Outstanding Drama Series” for Boardwalk Empire in 2010 and “Entourage” movie in 2009.

Legal Issues

Before earning fortune and fame as an actor, Wahlberg had a troubled past. From 1986 (when he was about 15 years old) to roughly 1992 (when he was about 21), he allegedly engaged in violent and racially motivated acts. One act was against a Vietnamese man named Johnny Trinh, whom Wahlberg reportedly attacked and punched in the eye, reports. In 2014, Wahlberg applied for a pardon for his crime against Trinh. “He was young and reckless, but I forgive him now. Everyone deserves another chance,” Trinh told The Guardian in a 2014 interview.

He also was involved in attacks on various groups of African American children which involved the yelling of racial epithets.

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Mark Wahlberg Wife

Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg have been married for 8 years. They got married on August 1, 2009, at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills with his closest friends and relatives. They were dating for 4 years after getting together in 2001 The couple had three children, daughter Ella, and sons Michael and Brendan, before tying the knot. In 2010 they welcomed their fourth child together, daughter Grace Margaret.

Dallas star Jordana Brewster began dating Mark Wahlberg in 2000, a romance they kept on the down-low the entire two years the couple spent together.

Mark Wahlberg is rumored to have hooked up with Jessica Alba in Dec 2003. Cynthia Kirchner(An American film actress, screenwriter, stand-up comedian) is rumored to have hooked up with Mark Wahlberg in 2002. Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg have been married for 8 years. They were dating for 4 years after getting together in 2001.

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In 2001 Mark paid $4.95 million for a home in Beverly Hills. He listed this home for sale in 2015 for $30 million. In April 2018, Wahlberg sold the home for $12.4 million.

Today his primary residence is an absolutely stunning estate in the gated Beverly Park community of Beverly Hills. Wahlberg and his wife bought one of Beverly Park’s last-remaining undeveloped lots in May 2009 for $8.25 million. Sitting on 6-acres, he hired famed architect Richard Landry to design what became a mildly-ridiculous (in a good way) 30,000 square-foot main house. Construction costs alone likely topped north of $20 million. The final product features a golf course, basketball court, large pool, movie theater, and much more.

How tall is Mark Wahlberg?

Although he is not a professional gym freak he has an athletic body structure. He transforms his body as the movie demands but normally he maintains his body and keeps a slimmer body. He is 1.73m (5feet 8 inches) tall and weight of 84kg (185lbs). Hazel is his eye color and his hair color is Brown.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

He originally gained fame as the rapper known as “Marky Mark”. He eventually became a highly sought-after actor, producer, and entrepreneur. Mark along with family members are the founders of the Wahlburgers restaurant chain. and he has endorsed the following brands (AQUAhydrate, AT&T, Calvin Klein, Chloe, and Indian Motorcycle and products)for the income.

So far, Wahlberg’s highest-grossing film is Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014), with a lifetime gross of $245,439,076. His other high-grossing films include Ted (2012), with a lifetime gross of $218,815,487; Planet of the Apes (2001), with a lifetime gross of $180,011,740; Daddy’s Home (2015), with a lifetime gross of $150,357,137; and The Departed, with a lifetime gross of $132,384,315, according to Box Office Mojo.

He has an endorsement deal with Calvin Klein television advertisements in 1992 which was shot by Herb Ritts. He also made a workout video titled The Marky Mark Workout: Form, Focus, and Fitness.

He began serving as a brand ambassador for a line of sports nutrition supplements by GNC called Marked in 2012. He became a spokesman for AT&T in 2017 so he could create original content for the mobile network division and was paid USD 10 million for the deal. He has also done endorsement for AquaHydrate, Indian Motorcycle & Chloe. He is also keen on doing charities work with or support for them. He was involved in some charitable organization like “A place called home”, “American Red Cross”, “Be the Change”, “Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation” and Elevate Hope Foundation”.

 As of 2020, Mark Wahlberg has a net worth of $300 million.

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