Who is Mark Wiens? Know His Age, Bio, Parents, Wife

Food is an ideal way to communicate with individuals. We all love to eat, if not for the enjoyment of eating, to fulfill our appetite and to share this food, which forms one of the strongest ties between humanity. Perhaps it is our ancient relation to food where it was mainly a scarce necessity before an intellectual breakthrough led to culture and what is now known as farming.

Whatever our commitment to food is, it has lasted for centuries and is strong enough for men like Mark Wens to create a popular food blog, to travel all over the world, and share recipes with foreigners all over the world and on the web.

The owner and man of the famous YouTube channel Mark Wiens is the name. He is a food and travel blogger and has so far been one of the most popular names in the genre on YouTube. Learn more about him in the subsequent reading.

Mark Wiens’s Age, Bio, Nationality

Mark Wiens looked forward to traveling the globe and enjoying a meal while everybody else dreamed of a wonderful company job and even owned their own companies.

It is the sort of adventurous way of life that looks fantastic in a movie but difficult to participate in person, but Mark Wiens was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and has chosen to devote herself to the demanding lifestyle so far.

He was born on 26 February 1986 and one may assume that it has always been part of Mark Wiens’ life to go to exotic locations. As a child, when he was five, his parents moved to Albertville, France, and subsequently to Hawaii and Canada. His parents also lived in Central Africa, in a town named Tandala, in particular in the Republic of Congo. Having spent time with friends in Congo and culturally integrated, his parents moved to Nairobi, Kenya.

Further knowledge about his parents is uncertain, and the nationality of Mark Wiens is therefore null and void. But we know that he’s white from pictures. He has brown dark hair and brown eyes as well. Perhaps it has led Mark Weins to study global studies in the college of the Arizona State University by completing formal and informal education, begun at the Rossyn Academy, and spread to various schools around the world, through the travel and exposure to various cultures and lifestyles around the world.

Mark’s only interest was to go where he stopped before college as a global traveler when he graduated from Arizona State in 2008. For a year he traveled through various countries such as Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. This was the year Mark Wiens started to write in a blog called Migrationology his experiences on travel and food. He finally wanted to make a difference from blogging and he went to YouTube in 2009.

Mark Wiens moved to Bangkok after visiting South America, where he spent a while, teaching English for a year. While there, he continued writing, finally seeing some real growth on his website and YouTube channel.

He released his first eBook, Eating Thai Food Guide in 2010, and wrote his blog and post on the Mark Wiens YouTube network, which now has more than 600 million views with over 3,3 million subscribers. The channel also features him on street food travels to various countries and towns. He traveled to several other countries, including Austria, Turkey, Mexico and China. He has a second channel, Mark Abroad, which is devoted to flights and lodging in the new countries he visits.
Wiens and Ying’s mom

Mark Wiens is married to the chef, eater, and traveler, Ying, as well. Since they met together, the pair traveled the globe. The couple resides as their primary home in Bangkok, Thailand.

We don’t know much about Mark’s parents, but we know that they are travelers who traveled all over the world like Mark. It’d be completely all right to say that he has his parents’ travel genes and one bit he didn’t fail. As far as we know, two children – Mark and a sister whose names are unknown were born to his parents.

How Much Does Mark Wiens Earn?

In addition to their 2010 eBook, Mark Wiens has a popular YourTube channel and an increasing website that sells products. In all these programs, Mark Wiens had a net value of 2 million dollars.