Master P: What is his special request to the court dealing with his ongoing divorce that has been going over 8 years?

Courts might give justice but many times it is so delayed that the purpose is not served. The same happened with rapper Master P with his divorce proceedings. They have been going on now for the past 8 years and obviously, Master P is fed up. Anyone would get tired of such a prolonged legal course! So now, Master P has asked the Court to legally declare him as single.

Master P and his prolonged divorce battle

Master P whose real name is Percy Miller filed for divorce in Court 8 years back. But the proceedings are still not over. Percy is tired of the whole process. Hence, he has now put in a special request to the court. He has asked the Judge to grant him a singlehood title and status. In his legal papers, Percy has stated that he and his ex-wife Sonya Miller have been living separate lives for almost a decade and hence there is no reason for him to be called a married man still.

Percy Miller
Percy (Source: Wikipedia)

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Further, the rapper has said that he and his ex-wife put in the divorce documents in the ear 2013. But they had separated three years before the legal papers namely in 2010. Additionally, he states that in 2016 the couple had settled all the likely issues and had reached an agreement. They had done the paperwork in it but somehow these papers never managed to reach the court for some reason.

Master P’s special request to Court

Naturally, both parties are fed up being legally into a marriage that was also broken way back in 2010. Hence, in order to speed up the process, the rapper has now put in fresh legal papers in the same court. He has requested the Judge to declare both of them single and dissolve their marriage that already had collapsed 11 years back. Will the Court and Judge comply?

Percy Miller
Percy and Sonya (Source: Celeb Doko)

Earlier, Percy had appeared on the Wendy Williams show and talked about his divorce. He had said:

“In a relationship, things happen. People grow together, they grow apart. She definitely was there. We ain’t been in a relationship in seven years… I’m not mad at her. I love her,”

The couple’s relationship, marriage, and children

Percy and Sonya started dating in the 1980s and in 1989, the two walked down the aisle together. In their 21 years of married life, the couple had 7 children together. These are Perc ‘Romeo (born in 1989), Vercy’Young V’ (born in 1991), Tytana (born in 1992), Inty (born in 1993), Itali (born 1993), Hercy (born in 2002), and Mercy (born in 2005).

Similar to Percy, Sonya is also a rapper. She has released several records of her own under the stage name of Sonya C. Later, she gave up her profession for the sake of the family and to take care of her children. And in 2013, she filed for divorce citing her husband’s continuous infidelity as the cause of her separation from him.

Percy Miller
Percy and family of wife and 7 children (Source: The YBF)

After she split from Percy, Sonya pursued further studies. She earned a degree in Theater Arts, Journalism, and also Photo Journalism. All these she did at Pepperdine University.

Percy also has a child born through his extramarital affairs. The child’s name is a daughter named Cymphonique Miller (born in 1996). The name of Percy’s mistress and mother of this child was never made public. Cymphonique has acted as a guest star in some projects such as Phineas and Ferb, Big Time Rush, Master How to Rock, and Winx Club. She was also recently in the movie Never and Again that released in 2020.