MaximeB is a popular and inspiring Canadian social media influencer. As he was bullied for his appearance due to Treacher Collins Syndrome, he is now providing support and campaigning against bullying based on appearances.

When did MaximeB come into being?

MaximeB was born on December 7, 2001, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He will be 19 years old in 2020. His nationality is Canadian, but he has kept his race a secret.

Maxime has also been tight-lipped about his parents. He did mention that he moved to Ontario from Edmonton when he was six years old. Kevin, his older brother, is his other sibling. Apart from that, nothing is known about his family.

Maxime attended a normal school in Canada for his studies. He will also graduate on June 26, 2020, and is currently considering whether or not to attend college.

How did MaximeB become famous?

Maxime began making videos and uploading them to while he was in high school (now Tiktok). His sense of humor is one-of-a-kind, and his amusing videos quickly attracted the attention of Tiktok’s audience. Maxime has Treacher Collins Disease, a deformity of the face, eyes, ear, and mouth caused by a genetic disorder. Despite this, he has a high degree of self-assurance. Many of his fans admired and loved him because of his confidence. Along with the motivation, Maxime was ridiculed and bullied for his presence on the forum. This drew a response from Ellen Degeneres, who sided with Maxime and condemned the bullying aimed at him.

Maxime was unfazed, and he continues to make funny Tiktok skits and memes to this day. On the website, he has over 2.1 million followers and 47.5 million overall likes. He also raises awareness of his illness and has had a huge effect on people with similar conditions. He also speaks out against appearance-based bullying and abuse. MaximeB also uses Instagram to promote positivity and raise awareness about bullying. He already has a huge following on the site and regularly shares pictures of himself and his life.

MaximeB’s net worth is unknown.

As of now, MaximeB has not disclosed his net worth or annual salary. Unfortunately, no credible statistics for these figures can be found on the internet.

What are the physical stats of MaximeB?

Maxime stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 54 kilograms. His hair is blonde, and his eyes are dark brown.

Who is MaximeB dating right now?

MaximeB is most definitely single right now. However, we cannot be certain since he keeps his personal and romantic lives hidden from the public eye. When we look at his social media and posts, it’s unlikely that he’s dating anyone right now. He also seems to be concentrating on his work at the moment. He has remained tight-lipped about his previous relationships and girlfriends.

The Internet and Social Media

On social media, Maxime is influential and well-liked. He currently has over 25k Instagram followers and over 500 Twitter followers.

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