Is Melissa Caddick, alleged Australian conwoman really dead? The complete story of her life, crimes, death, legal issues, and husband, Anthony Koletti

The husband of missing conwoman, Melissa Caddick, Anthony Koletti is in trouble due to her. He will be thrown out of her house and wonders why he is being punished for no fault of his. He says that he has not used the money she took from her victims. Anthony also feels that she has not cheated anyone and is not dead though her one foot was washed ashore. Read on to know the story so far…

Melissa Caddick and her alleged crime

The Australian businesswoman, Melissa Caddick, 50 took money from her clients most of whom were her friends and relatives. She was providing financial advice to people between 2012 and 2020. But all this was without a valid license. And she worked under the banner of Maliver.

Melissa Caddick
Melissa Caddick (Source: BBC)

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) allege that she swindled $ 30 million from her 74 clients. She used it to fund her lavish lifestyle. Her victims were left in the lurch since it was their life savings. Hence, ASIC is going to auction her properties to recover the money and hand it over to the poor clients. They have taken in their possession her $ 6.2million home in Dover Heights mansion, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Therefore, her husband, Anthony Koletti has to move out in the next 2 months. Her other estates, cars, and jewellery will all be under the hammer. Pickles has already listed her blue 2016 Audi R8 coupe, priced at an estimated $300k, and a black 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 wagon, which has a worth of at least $50k.

Melissa’s missing and her foot washed ashore

The conwoman Melissa went missing in November 2020. And your months later on 21 February 2021, campers found a foot on Bournda Beach, 400km south of Sydney. It is claimed that the foot belongs to Melissa and that she is now dead. Her husband, Anthony wanted to know which side foot it is. Because he says that on her left foot was inked the names of Melissa, Anthony, and their son, 15 in Chinese characters. Anthony shares a matching tattoo.

Melissa Caddick
Melissa Caddick and her husband, Anthony (Source: Daily Mail UK)

It was felt that she cut her one foot and threw it into the ocean to make people believe that she is dead. But police have rubbished this theory. But Anthony feels that she cannot take her own life. He suspects foul play. But the ASIC and law refuses to lend a ear to him. Anthony, 39 feels that law should compensate the victims and not him who has neither chested nor used the allegedly conned money. He asks:

“I personally have not spent a cent of investors’ money and that cannot be shown. So why is it my fault? Why am I losing everything?”

Anthony is of the opinion that ASIC and police are bringing an atomic bomb into a first fight. He feels it is not right that he is getting the punishment for no fault of his.

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Anthony and the restraining order against him

Anthony is devastated and disturbed. He tried contacting the ASIC officer, Isabella Allen, 28. She is the lead investigator in the case. The unemployed DJ, Anthony had texted Isabella, trolled her on social media, and made rap songs on her. All these behaviors are deemed “threatening”. His rap lyrics read:

You can’t hide behind your government job forever,”

“Might get me a snake or a rat and call it Isabella. I’ll buy the ugliest thing I can find.”

Melissa Caddick
A foot in a sneaker probably of Melissa Caddick (Source: Trends Wide)

NSW police put a restraining order on him. Henceforth, he cannot contact Isabella and has to stay a certain distance away from her. But the former hairdresser, Anthony feels that he had done no wrong:

“She’s made my life very uncomfortable and my entire families so can I feel sorry for her? No,”

“I don’t feel it went to far. But if she feels threatened I’m sorry for that. I don’t mean it as a personal threat against her and I mean her no harm.”

“I’m the one that is going to be left with nothing and a dead wife.”

The next hearing is in the Sydney Downing Centre Local Court on 23 February 2022. Anthony states:

“They’re villainizing my wife and now they villainizing me, that’s what this world’s come to. It’s just ridiculous.”