Michael B. Jordan, American actor reveals that his real-life love [Lori Harvey] helped his performance in the upcoming film The Journal of Jordan

Actor Michael B Jordan is in love! He admitted that he is dating Lori Harvey. He also said that this current relationship has greatly helped him in his performance in his movie ‘A Journal for Jordan’ that will be released soon.

Michael B Jordan and his new girlfriend

In his latest movie A Journal for Jordan, actor Michael B Jordan has a new type of role. He is the lead romantic hero in the film. On 9 December 2021, he gave an interview to The View. In this interview, Michael admitted that his present relationship had greatly assisted him in his performance in this film.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan and Joy Behar (Source: The Wrap)
The show host, Joy Behar queried why Michael opted to take a romantic role this time. To this, Michael, 34 said that his new real-life love made him feel ready for on-screen romance and he felt comfortable and able to do it. He is dating the gorgeous model and successful beauty entrepreneur, Lori Harvey. She is 24 and 10 years younger than him. He did not name her but stated that this relationship is important for him. It had played a major role in making him perform for this role.

Michael and his statement on the show

The actor said:

“One of the things that helps me choose roles or which ones I stay away from is how much I feel like I have to give to the role. Certain life experiences I never had. So I didn’t feel like I could pull from a personal place. I could not make it connect to me.”

“Now that I am in a place where I have fallen in love, I know what that’s like.”

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan (Source: Wikipedia)
The ladies on The View were excited and thrilled for the talented actor. They wanted to know more about his new girlfriend and relationship. But Michael tactfully evaded the question. He said:

“Y’all know all the details.”

And when the host Joy told that the audience does not know his girlfriend’s name and hence he should tell them, Michael said that he is taken. He said:

“I have a girlfriend.”

This answer was similar to the one that he gave when asked about his new love in an interview with the media outlet, The Hollywood Reporter.

The couple’s relationship timeline

Lori and Michael now have been dating for more than one year. They started their relationship on 16 November 2020 and on last November; they celebrated their one-year anniversary of dating. Lori had uploaded on this occasion on her Instagram several snaps of the couple kissing and cozying up.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan and Lori (Source: Pinterest)
In October 2021, Lori gave a speech during the launch of her skincare line SKN by LH. At that time, she told Michael that she loves him. This is Michael’s first experience with romance. He resides with his parents in a Sherman Oaks home in Los Angeles. He had purchased this house with his own money.

Short Bio on Michael B. Jordan

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