Milena Carvalho, Brazilian glam plastic surgeon under legal investigation for botched up surgeries and negligent post-op care!

Plastic surgery came in with some good intentions. Its aim was to set right some natural defects. But how safe is it to interfere with Nature? A glance plastic surgeon from Lago Sul, Milena Carvalho is under scrutiny after her patients accused her of causing them mental torture and leaving them disfigured.

Milena Carvalho and her horrifying surgeries

Milena Carvalho works as a glance plastic surgeon in a clinic in Lago Sul in Brazil. She used to do a number of cosmetic surgeries. Now three of her patients have approached law and complained against her. They state that she caused them a lot of mental anguish and left them disfigured. They had nightmarish experiences with her which they narrated to the Civil Police of the Federal District.

Botched up surgery led to abdominal necrosis (Source: Daily star)

All the three patients are psychologically shaken. One obese patient also said that the surgeon told her that it was her fault that she was fat. One patient said that after the surgery she needed a blood transfusion. And the third patient reported losing part of her right breast in the botched up surgery.

The Civil Police of the Federal District and their investigation

The Civil Police of the Federal District started their investigation on 24 November 2021 after her three patients complained that she had been negligent in the postoperative period. They also accused her of medical malpractice. One patient had a tummy tuck and liposuction in Milena’s clinic. But after the surgery, she had to be in hospital for 12 days. Out of this, 8 days were in the critical care unit. She had developed necrosis of lower abdomen that got infected. She was going into sepsis. Her procedure took place on 1 July 2021for which she paid £4,050. This patient said:

“My surgery lasted eight hours and I was discharged 24 hours later, even with this complication.”

“On 12th July, the incision opened and a liquid with a strong odour began to come out, looking like something infected.”

Milena used to post her work on her Instagram (Source: Instagram)

The patient contacted Milena who just reassured her. On recontacting Milena, the latter was out of town. She referred her to another doctor who immediately advised admission. 5he patient added:

I was very psychologically shaken. The doctor even said that these complications were my fault, because, according to her, I was obese.”

Similar bad experiences of other two patients

Another patient had a breast lift and breast enlargement in November 2020 for a price of £1,750. She had necrosis too and lost part of her right breast and areola. She said:

“It was supposed to be a dream come true, but it ended up turning into a nightmare. The doctor didn’t provide any kind of assistance after the surgery.”

The third patient had mammoplasty and liposuction. But she was in hospital for a month with opening of her stitches and wound infection.

Necrosed right breast of patient (Source: Daily star)

Dr. Milena has denied all allegations but promised to cooperate with the authorities in the investigation.

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