Mithzan is an American Youtuber famous for his ‘Ask Death’ web series. The Youtuber mostly uploads Minecraft and Runescape videos on his channel which now has over 578k subscribers.

Mithzan’s age is unknown.

Mithzan was born on November 15, 1994, in Virginia, United States of America, as Max LaPlume. He will be 26 years old in 2020.

His parents, siblings, and other family members have not been identified. He does have two siblings, Amy, his older sister, and Ramen, his younger brother. He grew up in the state of Louisiana.

How did he come to be so well-known?

Mithzan rose to prominence as a result of the videos he posted on his YouTube channel. Most of his videos include Minecraft and Run escape games, and he is well-known as a gaming content developer. He started uploading videos to YouTube in 2016, and his channel now has over 579k subscribers.

‘WELCOME TO MY Site!’ is the title of his first video on the channel. His videos have received over 113 million views to date.

‘HOW TO BAKE: A CAKE!’ is the most famous video on his channel so far. This video has received over 1.3 million views. ‘FUN TIMES IN SNOWDIN!!| MINECRAFT HIDE AND SEEK!’, ‘WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!’, ‘HOW TO COOK: MACARONI AND CHEESE!’, and ‘MAX AND ROSS!’ are some of his other famous videos. ‘THE BUTT KNIGHTS ANIMATED!!’, ‘BUTT KNIGHTS: QUEEN BADONK RETURNS!!’, and ‘I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS!!| WEIRD INTERNET GAMES#1′ are among the titles accessible.

His channel has over 578k subscribers as of late 2020.

What is his height?

The Youtuber has kept his height and weight hidden from the public eye. His hair is dark, and his eyes are brown, as well.

Mithzan’s net worth is unknown.

Mithzan’s net worth is expected to be around $215k by 2020. Youtube and Twitch are his primary sources of revenue.

Mithzan is dating somebody.

Mithzan is actually engaged in a romantic relationship. Krista is the person he is dating. The couple’s intimate moments are often documented on his Instagram account. They even work together and get along swimmingly.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are examples of social media sites.

The Youtuber is active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, among other social media platforms. He has over 283k Instagram followers and over 165.9k Twitter followers. Similarly, he has amassed a following of over 23k on TikTok.

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