Natasha Leggero’s Biography: Age, Bio, Facts, Height, Husband, Kids

Natasha Leggero is a renowned American comedian who has faced a number of life struggles before becoming a renowned women’s entertainer. She always had the best education and went on show shows, from her work at a grocery store to the provision of newspapers and even more menial jobs to be able to survive.

In addition to comedy, she is an actress, writer, and TV icon, well known as The 70s House for her role in MTV’s reality show. Read about her glorious land as her husband and other fascinating facts. Read more.

Natasha Leggero’s Age, Bio

On 26 March 1974, Natasha Leggero was born to a faithful Roman Catholic family in Rockford, Illinois, the United States. She mixed Italian-Swedish offspring backed by a 6-% Sub-Saharan African bloodline DNA test.

Her father sells usage cars while she worked as a bookstore in her bookshop and she divorces before Natasha becomes a full-size daughter. Her mother is born into a classy middle-class family with no silver cuff.

So she worked early to fend for herself without a catering dad. Some of her jobs include masting raspberries, working in a supermarket, delivering newspapers, and working in a catering room.

Life circumstances haven’t taken her attention away from her face. She had begun playing in Chicago at the age of 10. Prior to attending Illinois State University (I.S.U.), she attended Rockford East High School and attended a Stella Adler Conservatory audition in Chicago, a school created by the famed Stella Adler. The theater program was popular and approved by Natasha. For 2 years she has been with the school and learned more.

She was also not happy with the skills she received already. In 2000, she took a degree in Theater Criticism from Hunter College and moved to Los Angeles.

While it is on record that Natasha Leggero started performing at age 10, she, alongside Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, shot an unaired pilot titled The Strip for NBC from 911! In the 2010 season of the NBC Last Comic Standing, hosted by Craig Robinson, she joined with Andy Kindler and Greg Giraldo as judges.

She played Emma at the 2011 NBC sitcom named Free Agents, and her co-host from 2000 to January 2012 was The Lavender Hour with Duncan Trussell.

Additionally, she voiced Callie Maggotbone on the animated series titled Ugly Americans from 2010 to 2012, she would also feature on the 2012 NBC’s Are You There, Chelsea?

Where she was playing Nikki’s part. She played the part of sex-obsessed Haley in the web series entitled Burning Love. In 2013, she starred in an episode in a TV series on the central comedy called Drunk History.

Known for her observational brand of comedy, where she would often make a satiric comment on social issues with special attention on celebrity, class, and culture, she has appeared in several comedy shows. Live at Bimbo in August 2015 struck the airwaves with her own Core Comedy stand-up.

Originally, it was dubbed the Pussy Diamond. She, alongside Riki Lindhome, created yet another Comedy Central known as Another Period in which they starred and premiered on June 23, 2015. Three seasons have gone.

Natasha Leggero: More Facts

1. One unique thing about Natasha is her shape; many have described it as “hourglass”, with a moderate height that presents her as a curvy beautiful entertainer. She stands at 5 ft 1 (1.55m) and weighs 50 kg.

2. Before Natasha Leggero got married, she dated a comedian Duncan Trussell between 2011 and 2012. She co-hosted the podcast, The Lavender Hour with him.

3. Although Natasha Leggero was raised in a Catholic background; after her marriage, she converted from the Christian Catholic faith to Judaism.

4. She was a victim of cyber attacks on December 31, 2013, after her joke during NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. Of course, her stance and position on the matter riled a lot of people and thus, the backlash on her person. “She has made several appearances in Chelsea Handler’s program, titled Chelsea Lately.

5. Natasha was once told by an agent that her height of 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m) was too short to ever become an actress. She was bordered, thinking the agent was right, but at last, she is not just an actress but an accomplished one, proving wrong that opinion. That’s the power of determination.

Natasha Leggero’s Net Worth

Since her breakthrough in the early 2000s, the Rockford-born entertainer has secured her position in the entertainment industry, going from strength to strength but not without controversies. With well over 60 film and television works, as well as web series to her credit, she has been smiling to the bank and won’t stop anytime soon. Her Net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Who is Natasha Leggero Husband?

Natasha Leggero is a proud wife and mother; she is married to a fellow comedian named Moshe Kasher. They dated briefly before tying the knot on October 11, 2015.

Kasher was born Mark Moshe Kasher on July 6, 1,979 in Queens, New York. He is an American stand-up comedian who also extends his craft to writing, and acting. He went to the University of California, Santa Barbara where he graduated with a degree in Religious Studies and minored in Jewish Studies. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2001 with impressive works to his credit.

Their union has produced a daughter. She was born on 24th February 2018. The couple has been enjoying a stable marriage totally devoid of controversies and matrimonial infidelities.