Nathaniel Berhow

Nathaniel Berhow is a 16 year understudy of the Santa Clarit a, California’s hypothesis perpetrator at Saugus High School, who claims responsibility. He competed in a track meet in Santa Clarita, where he spoke to Santa Clarita High School. It was on September 19th in Central Park. Two months later, after two months, it was Central Park which unified the Saugus High School understudies

Who are the parents of Nathaniel Berhow?

Berhow was originally born in the town of Santa Clarita, USA. He is a U.S. citizen and part of the Asian ethnicity. He is his uncle’s son-in-law. He died in December of a heart attack in 2017. And, in addition, his sister is Samantha Berhow studied in Saugus

Who is the suspect in the Santa Clarita Shooting?

Nathaniel Berhow has been named as the 14-year-old suspect in a shooting at Saugus High School in California that has left at least two people dead and four injured. Police claim that Berhow, a high school sophomore, pulled a gun on other students on his birthday. Shooting his fellow students, police believe they announced that he had died at 3:30 on Friday. He had been admitted to “death’s door”

Santa Clarita, CA gunman used unregistered ‘ghost gun’

Authorities said last week that an unregistered “kit gun” was used in a deadly school shooting.

It is unknown if the pistol was bought by L.A.A. County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Brandon Dean said Nathaniel Tennyson Berhow, it is believed, shot and killed two classmates at Saugus High School before taking his own life with a handgun, according to police

There is no serial number on the gun to follow, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva stated According to Villanueva, kits and AR-15s can be purchased online or at gun shows.

Several unlicensed guns were discovered in Berhow’s house in Santa Clarita, CA It was discovered that Berhow’s father had weapons registered in 2016.

Who are the victims of the Santa Clarita Shooting?

It is believed that a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy were killed as a result of the incident. The 14 year old victim, a 15 year old victim, and 2 year old victims are still in the hospital. Their names have not been revealed. The identities of the deceased were unknown. ABC News reported a third death, but other outlets only confirmed two.

Why were they shot?

There is no motive yet for the shooting. Sheriff Villanueva replied, “We will have to research that thoroughly before we can answer your question.” So far, no links have been found between Berhow and the victims, only that they both attended Saugus High School.

What is Nathaniel’s mental state?

Paul Delac, assistant director of the FBI field office in Los Angeles, said “I have no evidence to believe there are any other partners or collaborators”.

Berhow said elsewhere that Maxwell had been acting strangely leading up to the time of the shooting. From what I’ve observed lately, I assume he is upset about something.

Another friend recently on KTLA was quoted as saying, “Over the years, we lost touch. It was a shock to all of all of us. ”

Is Berhow a single guy?

Reflecting on his personal life, he was married according to sources. More information about his girlfriend is unknown.

How tall is he?

Before he death, he was 5 ‘2 “2” and 50kg His eyes and hair are black. Additional information is currently unknown. When something is available, we will inform you

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