Naz Norris

Naz Norris is a popular Australian Youtuber. She rose to fame through Youtube thanks to her her family Youtube channel, The Norris Nuts, in which she appears alongside her parents and siblings in entertaining vlogs and challenges.

When was Naz Norris born?

Naz Norris was born on the 8th of November, 2010 in Australia. As of 2020, her age is just 10. Likewise, her nationality is Australian but her ethnicity is not known till now.

Naz was born to parents Justin Neville Norris (father) and Brooke Norris (mother). Her father Justin is also a former Olympic swimmer well known in the sport for his excellent butterfly style. Naz was raised by her parents alongside 5 other siblings. Her siblings are all sisters named Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Charm, and Disco Norris. Naz is the fourth child among all of them. The entire family is popular on the internet thanks to their family channel, The Norris Nuts, and they post entertaining vlogs and challenge videos regularly.

Naz and her family have not revealed anything regarding her education. But it’s almost certain that she is attending school, and judging by her age she is most likely in elementary school.

How did Naz Norris rise to fame?

Naz Norris was already quite popular at the time of her birth. This was thanks to the popularity of her father Justin who is recognized as a great in the sport of swimming. However, it was her appearances on her family’s Youtube channel that really pushed her into the limelight. The family channel, The Norris Nuts, was started by Naz’s father Justin in 2014. Their entertaining family vlogs and interesting challenges caught the attention of many young viewers and their channel grew very fast.

As a part of the family, of the main members of the channel is Naz along with her siblings. Naz’s energetic and fun-loving nature along with her relationships with her other siblings have made her very popular on Youtube.

As of now, The Norris Nuts has over 5 million subscribers on Youtube. Their content is focused around vlogs and challenges and these videos excellently showcase the personalities of each member of the family and their relationships with one another. The videos are also well made and they have a good schedule which is why they are doing so well on Youtube. Aside from this, Naz is also featured heavily on Norris Nuts Gaming and Norris Nuts Do Stuff Youtube channels.

What is Naz Norris’s net worth?

Naz Norris has not revealed any information regarding her net worth or annual salary as of now.

What are Naz Norris’s physical statistics?

Naz is still a young child and very much in her growing phase. SO, her height and weight change a lot even in short periods of time and so, her height and weight as of 2020 are not known. Still, we can see from her vlogs that she has green eyes along with dark brown hair.

Who is Naz Norris dating?

Due to her young age, Naz Norris is not in any kind of romantic relationship right now and also hasn’t been in any in the past.

Social Media

Naz does have social media accounts but they are managed by her parents. Still, her accounts are popular and as of now, she has over 659kfollowers on her Instagram.

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