Noella Bergener: her financial woes after her debt-ridden husband, James Bergener shuts off her credit cards and puts in divorce papers!

RHOC star, Noella Bergener is in sobs. Her husband, James Bergener has served her divorce papers. He is in debts and has shut off Noella’s credit cards as well.

Noella Bergener and her financial tragedy and divorce

The reality TV star, Noella Bergener is deeply distressed. Her husband is broke. He has tax debts amounting to USD 6 million that he is unable to paper. Hence he shut off the credit cards with which Noella used to do her shopping and purchases. Additionally, her husband, James has also filed for divorce.

Noella is in sobs and cannot control her emotions. On the recent episode, she is face timing friend and co-star, Shannon Beador and telling her all her issues. She says:

Somebody came to serve papers, divorce papers. He’s been in Puerto Rico. And it’s all in Spanish,”

Noella Bergener
Shannon Beador facetiming with Noella Bergener who is in sobs (Source: The Sun UK)

Shannon is also shocked and says:


Noella continues:

His wardrobe’s here, his stuff is here… his car’s here. And his life is here. He shut off the credit cards.

“I’m lost. I’m completely lost, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to think. It’s a bad dream. Just a really, really bad dream. I’m trying to get, you know, to speak to an attorney and just so what happens next.”

James and his debts

Noella tells her friend Shannon about the financial downfall of her husband, James. She says:

“He made an error and he needs to repair it.

“But I never thought that this would be the end of a marriage. You know, I never thought that that would mean that I’m a single mom with our son.

“I just want my husband to come and tell me what the hell is going on? Like my son was just diagnosed with Autism in May. My mom was hospitalized in June.”

Noella Bergener
A sobbing Noella Bergener whose husband James Bergener served her with divorce papers and shut off her credit cards (Source: The Sun UK)

James’s debts are to the tune of USD 5.8 million that date back to 2018. James is an attorney and runs a law firm called Sweet James.

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Did Noella know about this tax debt before?

The Orange county housewife, Noella was in the dark about her husband’s financial crisis. First, she thought it is just USD 4 million tax lien. But later, she came to know that another USD 2 million tax lien was added to it and now it nearly totals USD 6 million.

Noella Bergener
Noella Bergener with husband James Bergener and son James Jr. during happier times (Source: The Sun UK)

The divorce is also a nasty one. The duo are not on amicable terms. Noella is demanding sole physical and legal custody of James Jr., their 2 year old son. The actress wants to give James only visitation rights of their son. She has also asked for spousal support from James. She also wants him to pay her attorney fees. Their marriage was short-lived since they wed in June 2020. And this August came the divorce papers.