Facts You Must Know About Omari Hardwick: Age, Early life, Education, Parents, Sibling, Wife, Children, Height

The famous television and movie actor in America is Omari Hardwick. In TV shows such as Rescued, CSI: Miami, Dark blue, Being Mary Jane and Power Hardwick appeared on a small screen. He has starred in movies such as The Protector, St Anna’s Miracle, Kick Butt, The A-Team, and For Vibrant Girls on the big screen. Maybe Hardwick is most known for Ghost Control, his leading role in the crime drama.

Power is based around the character of Hardwick, a drug dealer and nightclub owner who tries to clean up his company in his life with policing and personal problems. Hardwick is a good poet and athlete as well as acting. Learn more about him, including his wife, children, brother, height, and net worth here.

Omari Hardwick’s Age, Education, Bio

Born on January 9, 1974, in Savannah, Georgia, Omari Latif Hardwick was born. Omari, his first name, is the biggest. His middle name, Latif, is a gentle one.

In Atlanta, Georgia, Hardwick attended the Marist academy, excellency in many sports. In soccer, he obtained bonds from many universities. He was so sweet. He wanted to be a defensive back at Furman University, South Carolina. Before moving to Athens University of Georgia (UGA), Latif spent a year at Furman, where he finished his studies in 1996.

Omari Hardwick attempted to enter the NFL after his studies but was short of his career with a knee injury. Hardwick – who always had a flair for poetry and theater – was curious what his life was like when his soccer dreams shattered. He wanted to deepen his work with some divine guidance.

He moved to New York City to study at the Beacon Theatre. He appeared in many small New York theatres. Hardwick had been fighting for quite a while and had strange employment to survive. He played a part in the TV movie Sucker Free City until the year 2004. The native of Georgia has never looked back since he made this humble debut.

At least 4000 poems have been published and he has been present at many slam poetry contests.

Omari Hardwick’s Parents, Sibling

From a family of six, Omari Hardwick comes. Clifford Hardwick IV is the name of his father while Joyce is the name of his mother. His dad is an attorney while his mother has been a mom in the home. The actor has two brothers (Jamil and Malik) and Shani Hardwick. Hardwick is close to his brothers and sisters. He stays at his L.A, with one of his brothers. The base is located in Atlanta, while the other is based. His brothers frequently support his different projects using their social media accounts.

Omari Hardwick wife and his children

Latif Hardwick is married to Jennifer Pfautch, his long-time friend. When the relationship started it is not entirely known, but we know they linked up the knot in 2012.

The couple has together two children. They’re Nova, a daughter, and Brave, a son. Hardwick’s wife and family are well secured. Even though he is hung with a cool attitude, when people insult his dad, he does not take it too kindly.

In 2018, a fan accused Hardwick publicly of being disrespectful about her for refusing to take a photograph of her. This caused a little upset and Hardwick had to get up and stand up.

He explained that because the fan was not disturbed to remember his family members seated close by, his justification for turning the photo request away. He said his wife (then girlfriend) staggered thick and thin with him before the money and success came. He said he would not stand people disrespecting his wife and he would not save his life.

 Omari Hardwick’s Body Measurements

If one thing is easily decided, Hardwick is a fine hunk. If you can’t agree. The actor’s strong look is blessed, impossible to forget. Hardwick’s weight is 5 foot, 10 inches, and 85kg (187.3lbs), or 1,78m (1.78m). The tatted actor has both brown and black hair.

Hardwick has starred as a romantic interest in a variety of music videos such as Estelle Feat Rick Ross’ ‘Break My Heart’ and P J Morton’sFirst Beginning.’

In 2014, Essen Magazine called him the sexiest man of the year. The magazine showed him to be a winner in his style, modesty, defense, pucker-like lips, talent, tattoos, blinked smiles.

Net Worth

The US actor has an approximate net value of 1,5 million dollars. Hardwick did very well for a comic who was homeless and who lived out of his car at some point. From his acting shows and his business enterprises, the actor made his fortune. He has a manufacturing firm called Bravelife Films. Hardwick remains a fervent poet through his vibrant career.