The opal engagement rings of South Korean celebrity couple, HyunA and DAWN!

South Korean couple, HyunA and DAWN got engaged on 3 February 2022. And they announced this on their respective Instagram pages. Additionally, they also put into full display their matching opal engagement rings. It is a unique set and DAWN gave more details about the rings.

The engagement of DAWN and HyunA

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On 3 February 2022, DAWN, 27 and his girlfriend, HyunA had an engagement. Therefore, DAWN had posted a video on his Instagram. The video shows DAWN and HyunA wearing matching ring sets. And he put the caption to this post:


HyunA whose real name is Kim Hyun-ah had made a repost of the same post on her social media. But she added a different caption to it. It read:

“Of course it’s a Yes.”

HyunA and DAWN are engaged (Source: Soompi)

Additionally, she also put up a photo of the matching rings and added the following caption for her 17.1 million fans:

“Thank you, thank you, always thank you.”

The opal engagement rings

The cute and adorable couple, HyunA and DAWN did not go for the typical traditional diamond rings. Neither did they go for rings embedded with colored gems solely. Their rings had s mixture of both. And additionally, the rings had opal stone in it. This made it different from all the other celebrity engagement ring that we read about. It is unlike other pieces of jewelry we usually see around.

HyunA and DAWN and their opal engagement rings (Source: Allkpop)

The matching engagement rings were made of white gold that was rolled into a band. There were seven diamonds on each band and these were of varying sizes and colors. The diamonds had green pink, and silver hues. And in the center of both these rings was a large opal stone that was oval in shape. The rings were sitting in pink and blue jewelry boxes and the lovely boxes were both shell-shaped. DAWN had purchased the two engagement rings from the same shop. It was the famous Diligems jewelry shop situated in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The store is popular amongst the elite of South Korea. It makes one-of-a-kind of rings, earrings, and necklaces. They are known for their creativity and uniqueness.

What Diligems owner said about the rings?

The Diligems owner was very happy to design and make the rings for the two of them. Diligems owner Yueun Esther Shin also put up details of the two rings on his Instagram page. He wrote:

“I hаd the honor of designing аn exciting pаir of rings for the dreаmiest of couples,”

Further, she added:

“Dаwn cаme to my studio for over а month to discuss the design аnd even chose the opаls аnd diаmonds himself.”

Opal engagement rings
Opal engagement ring of HyunA and DAWN (Source: Allkpop)

The jeweler did not reveal the exact price of the rings. Bit she did give a clue on it. Yueun stated that the cost of the two rings was more than her rent for a year. This implies that the price that DAWN paid for the rings was a hefty one. It is expensive and priceless and reveals the love he has for HyunA.

The couple started dating in May 2016. But they kept their relationship a secret. It was only in August 2018 when they admitted that they were in love with each other. Their agency Cube Entertainment had earlier denied that the two are a couple. And now comes the engagement news. We are sure that the couple would also have a unique wedding with out of the world outfits. Best wishes to them.