Facts on Patrick Starr that Will Leave You Stunned. Get Details on Patrick Starr’s Age, Bio, Early Life, Career, Gender

Over the years the maquillage industry has grown into a billion-dollar industry, not only because there are likely more women wearing maquillage, but because a lot of men and especially the young people have become audacious enough to wear it unlike before. Some of these men, like Patrick Starr, have even turned it into a prosperous business that earns them a good deal from.

Patrick is a professional independent photographer and maquillage artist and has become popular with more than four million subscribers on his Youtube channel, which has gathered over 288 million views from 2013 to March 2019 when he was on the platform.

He has uploaded several videos to YouTube, which prove that he is an incredible maker.

Patrick Starr’s Age, Bio, Career

The Filipino American, currently residing in L.A., California, was born in Orlando, Florida on November 11, 1989, named Patrick Simondac. He is the first child of his parent and has two brothers named Peter and Paul, with whom he was born.

Like many other young people of the 21st century, Patrick Starr became famous on the YouTube video-sharing platform. His decision to build a business career was the result of a passion that he had nurtured from his childhood, not by accident or because there was no other way he could get a living.

Watching beauty TV shows like The Swan and Miss Universe also deepens his love of cosmetics and persuades him to take part in the beauty industry. Patrick loved to take pictures in the meantime, too. He was even inspired to make up because he was a photographer.

It was just like that. The talented youth showed that he was taken in photography after he was a high school graduate in a video on his YouTube channel called Get To Know Me. He took photos of people and then took photoshops to look good. His friends from Facebook also took pictures and put them on make-up for fun, but by doing this he was caught up with the idea of making his clients up instead of photoshopping and from then he began doing this, even sometimes styling their hair.

Patrick Starr also revealed in the same video that he wanted to become a nurse during his childhood and even walked as far as nursing during his graduate years, but fate always leads to where you should be.

He worked at MAC cosmetics and gained a lot of knowledge in maquillage products. With this expertise, on 26 February 2013, he developed a YouTube channel called “PatrickStarr” to upload makeup tutorials, videos of beauty, and lifestyle. The Power of Make-up, How I Get Off My Makeup, Make-Up Timelapse, My Birth Maker Tutorial, Full Covers Foundation Rutine are some of the videos on the channel.

Thanks to his talent, Patrick Starr had the privilege, among them the actresses Ashley Tisdale and Anneliese Van Der Pol, well-known dancer Maddie Ziegler, television star, in reality, Kim Kardashian, her mother, Kris Jenner, and the media personality, Paris Hilton.

How Much Does Patrick Starr Earn?

On various social media platforms, the internet sensations have millions of followers. It has more than four million people on Instagram, over 4.2 million subscribers, and over 288,000 YouTube views as early as March 2019, and over nine thousand on Facebook and Twitter. It is, therefore, no surprise that the hardworking young man has an estimated net value of 300,000 dollars.

Facts on Patrick Starr

1. Patrick’s parents, both from the Philippines, emigrated and raised in the Catholic faith to the United States where they have all their children.

His dad is a businessman while his mother is a nurse.

2. Patrick’s parents decided to support him in his make-up business because they tried to persuade their son to follow his initial dream of becoming a nurse and failing.

3. Starr can not speak in his mother tongue, although he is Filipino by birth, he does understand it very well.

4. Patrick Starr published on his youtube channel on Aug 2, 2017, his Kim Kardashian Western Make-Up Tutorial, which gathered over 12 million views by the following year, making this its most popular on-the-platform video. This figure has changed since then, with views exceeding 14 million by March 2019.

5. Patrick also went to music in addition to makeup. On June 4, 2018, his first Glam music video was uploaded and over a million views have been received so far. On September 3, 2018, he followed up on Don’t.

6. At the 2017 Streamy Awards, the beauty beautician received the award “Best Beauty Channel.”

Patrick Starr’s Gender

Since make-up is mainly linked to women, people can easily suppose without asking that anyone with a maquillable face is a lady. Some of the fans and followers of Patrick Starr drawn this wrong conclusion on his gender, while others didn’t know he was a man or a woman. Some of the latter group decided to listen from the mouth of the horse and asked Patrick to clear the air.

The maquillage artist said he was a man, addressing the question. In a video, I Am A Man, he revealed this, saying that he’s a man in maquila and that he really loves making up. On his various social media platforms, he also made it public that he is homosexual.