Is Paul Wall Married? Know All His Family Members

Though Paul Michael Slayton officially became known as Paul Wall, in 1998, he produced hit tracks much more than many of his colleagues who were much earlier members of the music business. The versatile artist is a rapper, a songwriter, a DJ, and an actress.

Paul Wall was popular with his various partners, with the fellow rapper Chamillionaire, because of his excellent innovation and expertise in the production of the mixtape. His 2002 album Get Ya Mind Right was prominent among their collaborations.

Since then he has released many other solos and joint chart-topping projects. Some of them are “The Peoples Champ,” “Sittin’ Sidewayz,” his third studio album – Get Money, Stay Real, and more. Paul Wall, for its roles in Furnace, Ghetto Stories, and the Alligator X, is best known on the performing side.

Paul Wall’s Married Life

Paul Wall got married to their wife of Paul Wall, Crystal Wall, in 2005. At the start of the 2000s, Paul met Crystal while still in high school. They became friends and then began a romantic relationship both of them 21 at the time. Like Paul, Crystal has a fierce musical affection. Paul and Crystal agreed to relate to the next point, which was marriage, after a few years. Eventually, on 22 October 2005, the duo exchanged marital vows.

Crystal Wall continued to grow strong after their marriage with Paul Wall and his wife. Their marriage was free of traditional disputes and problems traditionally married to popular peoples. The shared passion of the couple for music contributes significantly to their romantic relationship. Aside from their love of music, Paul Wall and his wife, Crystal are ardent disciples of exercise and typically take part in workouts that help develop a bond with them.

Paul Wall has two kids, a daughter, and a son, together with Crystal. Their first child is a son named Patrick Slayton, who was born on April 18, 2006, and named William “Will.” Noelle Slayton, her daughter, arrived in 2008 about 2 years later.

Who are the family members of Pall Wall?

Paul Wall’s wife and two children form part of Paul Wall’s family. The wife of Paul, Crystal Wall, is an Afro-American fitness instructor and country singer. The founder and CEO of Mixfitz Studios LLC, a dance fitness club in The Heights, Houston, is Crystal from Houston, Texas.

Crystal serves as head coach to help people meet their weight loss and health goals in the most fun way. Fitness should be enjoyable and exciting for them rather than dull.

In 2017 Crystal Wall led the fitness concerts organized at Superbowl LI by famous hip hop wellness media group, Feel Rich Inc. Note that her husband Paul Wall was also a great supporter of Feel Rich’s routines in the past. It was in 2010 when, along with a gastric pad operation, the American rapper lost over 100 kilos due to strict diet and workouts.

In 2011, Crystal previously participated in a Feel Rich documentary featuring her husband not long after the surgical procedure. She then began to blog about the business and she lost 45 Livres later mostly through the successful dance workout Zumba. Crystal Wall was forced to become a personal trainer by the experience that changed their life. Before she formed the Mixfitz studio in 2013, she began coaching her mother and sisters.

Crystal Wall and Paul’s husband had both lost 200 pounds by November 2014, and their first husband was also subjected to liposuction. What’s interesting? In reality, the couple grew in weight. Their success in marriage and their children were simultaneously gaining weight. However, the pair promoted different courses that encourage good health, exercise, and general health after their phénomenic loss of weight. They also try very hard to create with their children a very stable family.