Know All About The Beautiful Wife of Pete Holmes, Valerie Chaney: Bio, Charity, Family, Kids

As Valerie Chaney seems to have been the propel of a cruising ship of Pete Holmes since they began love ties in 2014, “behind every successfully-male, there’s a mighty woman.”

In various TV shows, TV programs, and movies, Pete Holmes, who has achieved remarkable success in his career as an outstanding comedian, has embraced his comedy. Also known as the host of the popular podcast, You Made It Crazy, he addresses humor, sexuality, and religion.

His highly professional comedy tours and TV shows have won good fortune. Holmes became much loved by more than 400,000 subscribers when his self-titled YouTube channel.

Pete Holmes is definitely in the safe haven after being shaken by his previous relationship, because his partner, Valerie Chaney, is one of the coolest, smartest and most people on earth, having been married to such a beauty, with a most charming personality. Find out more information on the important half of Pete Holmes below.

Valerie Chaney’s Bio

While Chaney has been described as one of the world’s most secret people, she must be one of the most secret people on the globe, as her personal information on the media is not known. Her place of origin, parents, siblings, childhood, education, and profession were not recorded.

Valerie Chaney did not provide any details. That said, the beautiful wife of the highly qualified comedian was born on 28 February 1989. Often Chaney, who leads an anonymous, has updates on social media as she seems to be interested in Instagram and Twitter.

Facts on the wife of Pete Holmes

How Did Pete Holmes And Valerie Chaney Meet?

The Pair began a romantic affair in 2014, but succeeded in eluding it from the public, according to Chaney’s husband who had shed some light on his love life on social media. But he announced his relationship with his lady, Valerie Chaney, in October 2015.

Well, it’s interesting to remember that Holmes wasn’t the first lady because he was married to Becca with whom he was married for 6 years, the stand-up comedian.

Later, Holmes was divorced at 28 and called the extramarital affair of his wife the reason for the annulment of marriage. Pete Holmes, after three years in his relationship, had soothed his wounds with Chaney’s charming personalities and gone on to tie the knot to his beautiful girlfriend.

Valerie Chaney Works With Non-profit Organization

The beautiful wife of Pete Holmes works with Real Girl according to Valerie Chaney’s close friend. Chaney works at the Non-profit Organization Real Girl, which encourages and guides young girls between 9-16 to discover their REAL (authentic) selves and grow the talents, skills, trust, and confidence to make clear informed life choices from a position of self-awareness.

Valerie Chaney’s Family Life

Valerie Chaney has married a talented stand-up comedian who has worked as a poet, producer, actor, and podcaster as well. Holmes also produced many TV shows such as Outsourced on NBC and I Hate My Teenage Daughter on Fox, which was canceled in 2012.

Holmes has been responsible for this. In addition, he has shown TV shows based on his life and comedy, including The Pete Holmes Show, Crashing, and others.

Pete Holmes has hosted famous visitors such as Judd Apatow, Aziz Ansari, and John Mulaney as hosts of his influential podcast “You Made It Weird.” A range of films and TV series such as I Am Road Comic, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Do not Think Twice or Mulaney, starred Valerie Chaney’s husband. Holmes wrote a novel called Comedy Sex God, and released it in May 2019, in addition to his endeavor.

In September 2018, Pete Holmes’ wife welcomed Lila Jane, her adorable daughter. The three of them also spend time with each other and share with their social media followers their family moments. Pete Holmes is clearly content with the loved one’s life together with Valerie Chaney, who also calls his wife ‘Good Lady’ Val.