Pnina Tornai: Learn about her new Stardust Couture collection 2022, evolution of wedding gowns and her advice to brides!

Weddings have restarted after a pause of two years due to the covid pandemic. Wedding Gown ‘Fairy Godmother’ Pnina Tornai has launched her Stardust Couture collection for 2022. She is happy because the wedding gowns are getting all sold out. Know what Pnina said to Hollywood Life about the collection and what today’s brides prefer as wedding attires.

Pnina Tornai and her Stardust Couture collection for 2022

Israeli wedding gown designer, Pnina Tornai is happy that wedding season is picking up after a pause of nearly two years, thanks to the covid pandemic and its restrictions. She told Hollywood Life that 2022 has been the craziest year since 1984. Because brides are getting married after an interim period of cancelations and uncertainties. The designer was chatting at her Kleinfeld trunk show. Pnina said:

“They’re wearing my dresses, they’re having big weddings. I’m fully booked for 2022, and it’s really wonderful,”

Pnina Tornai
Pnina Tornai and her collection (Source: Facebook)

She continued:

The brides are wearing ball gowns. I just launched by Stardust Couture collection for 2022, named for my stars, my brides, and I was taking a chance with the designs, because they’re really bigger than life, and they are flying off the shelves.”

Her inspiration for gowns are her brides and she considers all of them stars:

Every time I’m interviewed, I’m asked about my favorite celebrities that have I dressed in my career. I always answered that my celebrities, my stars, are my brides,”

“I want every woman to feel like a star when she wears one of my dresses. So that’s why it’s named Stardust, because I spread Stardust on my beautiful brides!”

Pnina talks about evolution of wedding gowns

Pnina’s gowns has a lot of lace designs, appliqué flowers, and intricate bead work. She said:

“There’s a lot of work put into it, and it’s all very unique,”

Since she stepped into the USA for her career, a lot of design changes have occurred. She elaborated:

“When I first came to America, my dresses were very sexy, because the Israeli bride has always been very daring and sexy. When I first showed my dresses to Kleinfeld, well, they looked at the dresses, they looked at me and they said, ‘We will never be able to sell these dresses in the United States,’”

“Here I was, the leading designer in my country,  being refused! So, I created a new collection for them, and it was a little less daring and sexy, but still had my signature elements. But, throughout the years, I feel like I really changed the landscape in the United States and in the world.”

“Women now are more aware of their figure, how they want to look. Women want to show how gorgeous they are, because they are!”

Pnina Tornai
Pnina Tornai (Source: Wikipedia)

Pnina’s advice to the brides

The designer feels that choosing the right dress should not be hard:

“It should be like love at first sight. Just like when you saw your the love of your life for the first time, that feeling when your heart is racing and that feeling that makes you understand this is the right thing for you. The right partner for you in life, and the right dress that you want to walk down the aisle,”

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Pnina Tornai
Pnina Tornai and her bridal wear (Source: Pinterest)

Pnina has also ventured into making dresses for bridesmaids.