Jared Knabenbauer, popularly known as ProJared is an American YouTube personality.

Jared Knabenbauer, popularly known as ProJared is an American YouTube personality. He is known for his ProReviews, Nuzlocke series, and his previous work at ScrewAttack. He later earned recognition after he started his YouTube channel, ProJared. He started his YouTube channel in November 2006. He has over 926k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has also another YouTube channel ProJared Plays!.

What is ProJared’s claim to fame?

– For his ProJared YouTube channel.

Where did ProJared get his start?

On 28 August 1985, ProJared was born. Jared Knabenbauer is his given name. In the United States, he was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is an American citizen. Virgo is his zodiac sign. At the moment, information about his parents is inaccessible. Derek is his twin brother.


Previously, he was employed by

Previously, he went by the moniker DMjared. DM is an abbreviation for Dungeon Master.

Between 2004 and 2009, he also served as an Assistant Store Manager at GameStop.

In November 2006, he launched his own YouTube channel, ProJared.

Among his videos are satirical game reviews, reaction videos, and gaming challenges.

As of May 2019, his channel had over 926k subscribers.

Additionally, he has a YouTube channel called ProJared Plays!

ProJared Plays!, his YouTube channel, has over 275k subscribers.

He had previously appeared as a guest star on a Nickelodeon show called Game Shakers. He promoted a smartphone application called Sky Whale.

He has also featured as a guest in a number of other YouTubers’ episodes. He has previously appeared on SuperPaniLand, SuperMCGamer, Criken Chippers, PBG, Gaijin Goombah’s Game Exchange, and DidYouKnowGaming?

Along with PBG, Brutalmoose, and SpaceHamster, he is a member of the GAME SQUAD.

His output is part of Jon Jafari’s Usual Boots.

NormalBoots and ProJared parted ways in May 2019 following his wife’s complaint.

Who is ProJared’s Wife?

ProJared is married to Heidi O’Ferrall, an award-winning cosplayer. In June 2014, the couple married. However, ProJared’s adultery, cheating on his wife, and sending nudes to underage fans ultimately resulted in their divorce in May 2019. He committed adultery with Holly Conrad. They have initiated divorce proceedings. He declared their divorce on Twitter.

How much money is ProJared worth?

ProJared makes money from his YouTube channels, which he mostly uses to share gaming reviews. His net worth is projected to be $1 million as of 2019.

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