Niall Comas, alias Pyrocynical, is an English YouTuber best known for his montage parody videos and gameplay content on his main channel 'Pyrocynical.'

Niall Comas, alias Pyrocynical, is an English YouTuber best known for his montage parody videos and gameplay content on his main channel ‘Pyrocynical.’ He also has a secondary channel called ‘PyrocynicalVEVO,’ but he has only posted one video there thus far.

Bio, Age, Parents, Nationality

Pyrocynical, a renowned YouTuber, was born on Wednesday, May 14, 1997, in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. “Niall Comas” is his genuine birth name, according to sources.

In terms of age, Pyrocynical is 26 years old (as of 2023). Niall comes from well-established Christian parents.

Pyrocynical, a well-known British YouTuber, is of pure white Caucasian origin. He does not, however, reveal anything about his family history.

His father (name unknown) is a businessman, according to our study. His mother, on the other hand, is a housewife. Pyro was raised in Hertfordshire with his siblings and relatives.

Education Details

According to sources, he enrolled in a local private school to finish his high school education.

Quick Facts About Pyrocynical

Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 14, 1997
Birth Place Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth $2.51 million

Pyrocynical: Career, Net Worth 2023

Niall launched his YouTube page in 2013, although he didn’t start uploading videos until 2014. These movies were largely fake MLG montage videos, for which he later apologized.

“IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO” – a commentary-style video that marked a noticeable change from the montage parody content – was posted on Niall’s YouTube account on October 30, 2015.

“How to Pizza” is Niall’s first video on his channel. In the video, he creates a meme video based on the popular television show The Breaking Bad.

Niall’s content in 2019 included commentary, gaming videos, and topical issues. In addition, he has begun to interact with people more regularly in skits. The most popular of these was a Reddit video including a variety of Despacito memes.

However, by 2020, there were far fewer commentary videos available. As of 2021, Niall’s work largely consists of in-depth analysis and reviews of video games, television series, and films, with a minor amount of commentary video uploads.

He has claimed that by November 2021, the first and second channels will each have a weekly upload and that he will focus more of their content output on Twitch. In January 2022, he announced the launch of a VODs channel for streaming archives.

Before his face was disclosed, Niall’s face was leaked to Twitter by DramaAlert anchor Keemstar from his personal Facebook profile. Keemstar, on the other hand, claimed that the image he tweeted was already on Twitter and Google Images and that he had never published any information from Niall’s personal Facebook profile.

On October 12, 2016, Niall suddenly posted a face reveal video titled “Who I’m voting for president (face reveal),” ridiculing the Casey Neistat incident surrounding the 2016 US presidential election. Since the reveal, he has appeared in practically every video he has made, modifying the format yet again.

Despite their very different personalities, Niall was frequently chastised for being a “LeafyIsHere clone” due to how similar their content was. Niall’s solution was to diminish himself and more closely resemble Leafy by employing clickbait and content that was more positive than Leafy’s. Despite the controversy, Niall and Leafy maintained their relationship and made a cameo appearance on DramaAlert with a playground insult duel.

Niall’s net worth is $2.51 million as of July 2023, according to Net Worth Spot. YouTubers can earn $3 to $7 per thousand video views on average.

Pyrocynical: Source-(marriedwikibio)

Relationship Status of Pyrocynical

Pyrocynical dated a YouTube animator named Hyojin Choi from roughly 2016 through late 2018 or early 2019. Hyojin, a Korean-Australian, is more popular on the internet than Squizzy. On April 19, 2019, she confirmed the split via Twitter. Squizzy also stated that she and Pyrocynical parted ways on good terms and are still friends.

As of March 2023, there is information indicating that he is in a relationship with a female known on Twitter as Daflummify. It is unknown what his romantic relationship status is as of 2023.

Body Measurement – Height, Weight

There is no information available about Pyrocynical body measurement statistics. Nonetheless, he has hazel eyes and dark brown hair that he dyes in a variety of colors, including blonde and grey.

FAQs of Pyrocynical

How old is Pyrocynical?

Pyrocynical is 26 years old (as of 2023).

What gender is Pyrocynical?

Pyrocynical is a straight male.

What is Pyrocynical’s Net Worth?

Niall’s net worth is $2.51 million as of July 2023.

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