Reba McEntire

Rеbа МсЕntіrе is an Amеrісаn Ѕіngеr, Ѕоngwrіtеr, Асtrеѕѕ, аnd Rесоrd Рrоduсеr who bесаmе fаmоuѕ wіth thе rеlеаѕе оf hеr studio аlbumѕ named “Rumоr Has It” (1990), “Fоr Му brоkеn Hеаrt” (1991) аnd “Іt’s Yоur Cаll” (1992). She is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame. She is also considered as the second-best country selling artists of all time. Ѕhе аlѕо dіd а nоtеwоrthу rоlе іn several movies and TV shows. She played in theater shows as well.

Throughout her career,  She released 33 studio albums, 2 live albums, and 16 compilation albums. Out of these albums, 27 have received a certification of at least Gold from the Recording Industry Association of America. She has more number-one albums than any other female country artist. She also won 91 awards in different categories out of 220 nominations to date form her songs. Also, She holds the record for the most Top 10 hits by a female country artist, surpassing Dolly Parton’s record in 2009 with her 56th Top 10 hit, “Cowgirls Don’t Cry”, a duet with Brooks & Dunn.

Presently, She has a huge fan following of over 6.5 million followers on Facebook, more than 2.5 million followers on Twitter, over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and over 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Let’s know more about her through this article.

What is Reba McEntire famous for?

  • An American country singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer.

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What nationality is Reba McEntire?

Recalling her early life, Reba was born in McAlester, Oklahoma, the U.S. to her parents, Clark McEntire and Jacqueline Smith in the year 1955 which aged her 65 years old at present. Her father is a steer roper while her mother was a school teacher. Also, she raised along with her three siblings named Susie McEntire, Alice Foran, and Pake McEntire. Similarly, she is of American nationality and belongs to White. Further, her birth sign is Aries and her religious views are Christianity.

For education, she attended the Kiowa High School in Colorado. Later, she graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Music in 1976.

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What does Reba McEntire do?

  • Moving toward her career, Reba started her music career from her young age with her siblings. They often formed a music group named ‘Singing McEntire’ in which she played the guitar and also wrote the lyrics for the songs.
  • In 1974, She performed the national anthem at the National Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City where Red Steagall also involved. He was impressed by her vocal ability and agreed to help her launch a country-music career in Nashville, Tennessee. 
  • Later in 1975, She signed a recording contract with Mercury Records after recording a demo tape.
  • In 1976, she made her first recording for Mercury with her single, “I Don’t Want to Be a One Night Stand” which peaked at number 88 that year. 
  • In 1977, she released her second single titled “(There’s Nothing Like The Love) Between a Woman and Man” which reached only number 86 of the year.
  • The same year, She released her third single named “Glad I Waited Just for You” which also not a commercial success.
  • After that, she released two singles with Jacky Ward which is peaked at numbers 20 and 26 respectively. the singles are “Three Sheets in the Wind” b/w “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight”; and “That Makes Two of Us.”


  • In 1983, She left the Mercury, criticizing the label’s country-pop production styles. After that, she signed with MCA Nashville Records in 1984.
  • During the late-1980s, She brought out three other highly popular albums that were accredited platinum: “The Last One to Know” (1987), “Reba” (1988), and “Sweet Sixteen” (1989).
  • In 1991, She lost her eight members of her band while on 1990 album tour due to jet plane crash near an Diego, California in the early morning because of poor visibility.
  • Despite the tragedy, She performed just days later at the 63rd Academy Awards ceremony, performing the Best Original Song nominee “I’m Checkin’ Out” from the film Postcards from the Edge. She dedicated her eighteenth studio album, For My Broken Heart, to the deceased members of her road band.
  • She played the character of “Reba Hart,” a single mom, in the American sitcom ‘Reba’ which ran from 2001 to 2007. The show was extremely successful and was broadcast in more than 30 countries.
  • In early 2008, She begins on the 2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour with Clarkson, which began in Fairborn, Ohio, and ended in November of the same year.
  • The same year, she signed with the Valory Music Group, an imprint of Big Machine Records.
  • In 2010, She released her twenty-ninth studio album, “All the Women I Am” which contains 4 single. Among them, “Turn On the Radio” was certified RIAA: Gold.
  • In 2016, She released her first gospel album titled “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.” It was released by Nash Icon/Rockin’ R Records on February 3rd, 2017, and consists of two discs.
  • In 2018, She won the Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album, her first nomination since 2007, and her first Grammy Award win in more than twenty years, since 1994.
  • She also returned to host the 54th Academy of Country Music Awards on April 8th, 2019.
  • The same year, The New York Times Magazine listed her among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire
  • In 2020, She had signed a new record deal with MCA Nashville, returning to the label after leaving in November 2008.
  • Besides these, She has appeared in 55 music videos. She has also released 9 video albums. Among them, her four video album certified RIAA: Platinum (Reba in Concert, For My Broken Heart, Greatest Hits, and Reba: Live) and her two video album certified RIAA: Gold (Reba and Celebrating 20 Years).
  • Apart from music, she played several films like Tremors (1990), Maverick (1994), One Night at McCool’s (2001), The Fox and the Hound 2 (2006), The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave (2016), Spies in Disguise (2019) and many others. 
  • She also appeared several TV shows like Country Music Awards (1985-2012; 2018-19), Tremors (1990), The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (1991), WrestleMania VIII (1992), The Man from Left Field (1993), Is There Life Out There? (1994), Buffalo Girls (1995), Hercules (1998), Secret of Giving (1999), Better with You (2010), Working Class (2011), Malibu Country (2012-13), Baby Daddy (2015-16), Young Sheldon (2020) and many others.
  • She also appeared in the theaters shows like Annie Get Your Gun (2001) and South Pacific: In Concert from Carnegie Hall (2006).

Here is the list of studio albums which she released during her career from the 1970s to date:

  • Reba McEntire (1977)
  • Out of a Dream (1979)
  • Feel the Fire (1980)
  • Heart to Heart (1981)
  • Unlimited (1982)
  • Behind the Scene (1983)
  • Just a Little Love (1984)
  • My Kind of Country (1984) – US Gold
  • Have I Got a Deal for You (1985) – US Gold
  • Whoever’s in New England (1986) -US: Platinum
  • Reba Nell McEntire (1986)
  • What Am I Gonna Do About You (1986) – US Gold
  • The Last One to Know (1987) – US Platinum
  • Merry Christmas to You (1987) – US: 2× Platinum
  • Reba (1988) – US: Platinum
  • Sweet Sixteen (1989) – US: Platinum
  • Rumor Has It (1990) – US: 3× Platinum and CAN: Platinum
  • For My Broken Heart (1991) – US: 4× Platinum and CAN: Platinum
  • It’s Your Call (1992) – US: 3× Platinum and CAN: Platinum
  • Read My Mind (1994) – US: 3× Platinum and CAN: Platinum
  • Starting Over (1995) – US: Platinum and CAN: Platinum
  • What If It’s You (1996) – US: 2× Platinum and CAN: Platinum
  • If You See Him (1998) – US: Platinum and CAN: Platinum
  • So Good Together (1999) – US Platinum
  • The Secret of Giving: A Christmas Collection (1999) – US Gold
  • Room to Breathe (2003) – US Platinum
  • Reba: Duets (2007) – US Platinum
  • Keep On Loving You (2009) – US Gold
  • All the Women I Am (2010)
  • Love Somebody (2015)
  • My Kind of Christmas (2016)
  • Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope (2017)
  • Stronger Than the Truth (2019)

What are the achievements of Reba McEntire?

Thrоughоut hеr саrееr аѕ Соuntrу Мuѕіс Аrtіѕt, Rеbа hаѕ wоn 91 awards out of her 220 nominations to date which are listed below:

Academy of Country Music Awards:

  • Top Female Vocalist – Herself (1984)
  • Top Female Vocalist – Herself (1985)
  • Top Female Vocalist – Herself (1986)
  • Country Music Video of the Year – “Whoever’s in New England” (1986)
  • Top Female Vocalist – Herself (1987)
  • Top Female Vocalist – Herself (1990)
  • Top Female Vocalist – Herself (1991)
  • Video of the Year – “Is There Life Out There” (1991)
  • Top Female Vocalist – Herself (1994)
  • Entertainer of the Year – Herself (1994)
  • Home Depot Humanitarian Award – Herself (2002)
  • Leading Lady Award – Herself (2003)
  • Special Award for Most Female Vocalist Wins – Herself (2005)
  • Career Achievement Award – Herself (2010)
  • 50th Anniversary Milestone Award – Herself (2015)
  • Video of the Year – Artist – “Forever Country” (2016)
  • Mae Boren Axton Award – Herself (2017)

American Music Awards:

  • Favorite Country Female Video Artist – “Whoever’s In New England” (1987)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1988)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1989)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1990)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1991)
  • Favorite Country Album – Reba Live (1991)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1992)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1993)
  • For My Broken Heart – Favorite Country Album (1993)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1994)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1995)
  • Favorite Country Album – Read My Mind (1995)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (1998)
  • Favorite Country Female Artist – Herself (2004)

Billboard Music Awards:

  • Favorite Female Country Artist – Herself (1994)
  • Favorite Female Country Artist – Herself (1997)
  • Woman Of The Year – Herself (2007)

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards:

  • Favorite Female Country Artist – Herself (1995)
  • Favorite Album by a Female Country Artist – What If It’s You (1997)

British Country Music Awards:

  • International Female Vocalist – Herself (1999)
  • International Female Vocalist – Herself (2000)

CMT Online Awards:

  • No. 1 Streamed Live Performance – “Because of You” (with Kelly Clarkson) at Crossroads (2007)

Country Music Association Awards:

  • Female Vocalist of the Year – Herself (1984)
  • Female Vocalist of the Year – Herself (1985)
  • Female Vocalist of the Year – Herself (1986)
  • Entertainer of the Year – Herself (1986)
  • Female Vocalist of the Year – Herself (1987)
  • Vocal Event Of The Year – “Does He Love You” (1994)
  • International Artist Achievement Award – Herself (2000)
  • Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee – Herself (2011)

French Country Music Awards:

  • Best Duo Of The Year –  “Every Other Weekend” (with Kenny Chesney) (2008)

Grammy Awards:

  • Best Female Country Vocal Performance – “Whoever’s in New England” (1987)
  • Best Country Collaboration with Vocals – “Does He Love You” (ft. Linda Davis) (1994)
  • Best Roots Gospel Album – Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope (2018)

Kennedy Center Honors:

  • Kennedy Center Honors – Reba (2018)

People’s Choice Awards:

  • Favorite Female Country Performer – Herself (1992)
  • Favorite Female Musical Performer – Herself (1992)
  • Favorite Female Musical Performer – Herself (1993)
  • Favorite Female Country Performer – Herself (1994)
  • Favorite Female Country Performer – Herself (1995)
  • Favorite Female Musical Performer – Herself (1996)
  • Favorite Female Musical Performer – Herself (1997)
  • Favorite Female Musical Performer – Herself (1998)
  • Favorite Female Actress In A New Television Series – Reba (2002)

TNN/Music City Awards:

  • Female artist of the year – Herself (1991)
  • Female artist of the year – Herself (1992)
  • Female artist of the year – Herself (1993)
  • Vocal Collaboration of the year – “Does He Love You” (with Linda Davis) (1994)
  • Female artist of the year – Herself (1995)
  • Minnie Pearl Award – Herself (1998)

TNN Viewer’s Choice Awards:

  • Favorite Female Vocalist – Herself (1988)
  • Favorite Female Vocalist – Herself (1989)

Besides these, she was honored with several awards which are listed below:

  • 1986 Grand Ole Opry, Inducted
  • 1987 NARM, Top Selling Female Country Album – Whoever’s In New England
  • 1990 Saturn Awards, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Tremors
  • 1994 Country Radio Awards, Entertainer of the Year
  • 1994 Country Radio Awards, Female Vocalist
  • 1996 Country Weekly Golden Pick Awards, Favorite Entertainer
  • 1997 Country Weekly Golden Pick Awards, Favorite Female Vocalist
  • 1998 Hollywood Walk of Fame, Inducted
  • 1999 CMT International Awards, Video Event of the Year – “If You See Him/If You See Her”
  • 2001 Drama Desk Awards, Special Award – Annie Get Your Gun
  • 2001 Outer Critics Awards, Annie Get Your Gun
  • 2002 CMT 40 Greatest Women of Country Music, #6 ranking
  • 2002 Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame
  • 2003 Country Radio Broadcasters, Career Achievement Award
  • 2004 New Music Weekly, Favorite Female Country Artist
  • 2004 CMT Flameworthy Awards, Johnny Cash Visionary Award
  • 2005 Family Television Awards, Best Actress, Reba
  • 2006 CMT Giants, Inaugural Honoree
  • 2006 Music City Walk of Fame, Inducted
  • 2007 Billboard Magazine, Woman of the Year
  • 2008 ASCAP, Golden Note Award
  • 2009 Country Radio Association, Most Played Country Female Artist
  • 2009 Country Radio Association, Most Top Ten Singles For Country Artist
  • 2010 A Capitol Fourth National Artistic Achievement Award
  • 2011 CMT’s 20 Greatest Women, #1 ranking
  • 2011 Country Music Hall of Fame, Inducted
  • 2012 Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, Induction
  • 2014 American Country Countdown Awards, Nash Icon Award
  • 2015 Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Humanitarian Award
  • 2018 Horatio Alger Award

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Reba McEntire Relationship Timeline

Reflecting on her personal life, Reba was married twice to date. Firstly, she was married to Charlie Battles in 1976. She is 10 years younger than Charlie. Also, Charlie has two sons from his previous relationship which made Reba a step-mother of the two children. . However, the couple later divorced in 1987.

Then, she married her second husband, Narvel Blackstock in 1989. Their marriage was held in a private ceremony on a boat at Lake Tahoe. Together, the couple welcomed a son named Shelby Steven McEntire. Also, Narvel has three children from his previous relationship. They are Chassidy, Shawna, and Brandon. However, the couple also did not stay long-lasting and divorced in 2015. However, She remains very close to her three stepchildren as well as the Blackstock family. Also, she considers her stepchildren’s six children to be her grandchildren.

Back in 2013, Her stepson Bradon was married to singer Kelly Clarkson. Together, the couple blessed a two-child named River and Remington “Remy”.

After that, she has a romantic relationship with Anthony Lasuzzo. The couple often was seen together at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. The couple met on a vacation tour of Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2017. However, the couple separated after two years in 2019. Presently, she is probably single and seems to be happy.

Besides these, She continues to be an active supporter of various charitable organizations including Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, Feeding America, and Celebrity Fight Night. She also opened Reba’s Ranch House in Denison, TX in 1992.

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How much is Reba McEntire worth?

Being an actress and singer, Reba has an impressive amount of money and fame through her profession in the field of the entertainment industry. Based on some online sites, her estimated net worth said to be $95 million at present. She also earned through her endorsements deals and TV commercials dor the bands like KFC Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken, Frito Lays, Red Convertible to Vegas, Pepper soda, and Dannon’s Activia Probiotic Yogurts. She also earned through her record sales and tours. She has sold 65 million records in the USA alone, and over 90 million records worldwide. She is the second best selling female country artist of all time and the twenty-fourth best selling female artist out of all genres.

How tall is Reba McEntire?

Observing her body physics, Reba stands a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 58 Kg. Similarly, she has a pair of blue eyes and reddish hair color. Further, her body measures around 37-26-37 inches and she used 34C bras sized. Additionally, her shoe size is 7.5 (US) and the dress size is 8 (US).

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