Rebecca Romney

Rebecca Romney is a U.S. book dealer with Honey & Wax Booksellers and an evaluator. She is best known as the Rare History Channel Book Specialist, Pawn Stars. Rebecca is also known because she was an ex-Bauman Rare Books manager in Las Vegas. As a rare book specialist, her occupation includes the study, cataloging, distribution, and sale of rare materials.

Ok, that’s an insight into the professional life of Rebecca Romney. Far more to know how she began her unusual career as a bookman. What else do you know about her personal life and about her intimate relationship with her family? Find out in this article what you need to read.

Rebecca Romney’s Age, Early Life

Born in Idaho, near Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA as Rebecca Angeline Engeat, she was born in 1985. As he grew up he developed a passion for historical books and languages, which comes from a family of scientists. Her passion was, however, connected to the fact that her family had a great interest in science fiction, though they were scientists as well.

After graduating from high school, she earned her bachelor’s in Classical and Linguistic Studies from the Brigham Young University of Provo, Utah. After completing her studies, she traveled to Japan to pursue her career in English for an additional year. She then graduated in Classical Studies with a double degree and philosophy with a minor. Rebecca Romney also graduated from the Colorado Book and Rare Book Seminar. She is also a member of the Scholarship Committee for Rare Book Colleges.

Additional facts about Rebecca Romney

1. The only female expert on pawn stars is Rebecca Romney
In its 4th season, Rebecca joined the show. Currently, in its fifteenth season, the show which began in 2009 is with Rebecca in more than 60 of its episodes. She was made one of the series darlings by her display of great knowledge in books.

2. So at book activities she talks
In addition to Pawn Stars, Rebecca talks about events related to history, book collection, literature, and other books. She also produced the “Book Enthusiasts Newsletter” in late 2017, where she trains her subscribers on several book problems. She’s still on Bauman Rare Books blog contributing.

3. Five languages are fluent in Romney
Rebecca is passionate about languages, as previously stated. She studied five different languages so that she could read most of the books in their original languages. She did it by herself, most interestingly. She is currently fluent in English, French, Japanese, Greek, and Latin.

4. Her book has been published
In 2017 Rebecca Romney published with Harper Collins Publishers Printer’s Error: meaningless stories from book history. JP Romney, her husband, helped her to write this novel.

5. Measures of the Body
The fact that Romney Rebecca has a nice look is beyond doubt. The young book specialist has a nice face that highlights her beauty with black eyes and long brown hair. The body figure is 33-24-34 inches slim and hourglass for her busts, waists, and hips respectively.

Rebecca Romney’s Career

Rebecca Romney didn’t know exactly what to do when he came back to Las Vegas. Late in 2007, before the opening of a new gallery in Las Vegas, the legendary Bauman Rare Books worked on it. Rebecca Romney has thus become an uncommon book company. She began as a shop servant and eventually became a manager in 2010. Rebecca fell in love with rare books with her exposure at Bauman and she described it as her dream work.

Rebecca appeared with other rare book evaluation experts in 2011 on Pawn Stars, a history show based in Las Vegas on History Channel. In 2014, Romney left Las Vegas and became a member of the Bauman Rare Books’ central administration and administration for Philadelphia. For the next two years, she worked there and left for 2016.

Rebecca Romney left Bauman and engaged with her husband in a variety of projects, including the creation and running of a book podcast, the ‘Biblioclast.’ She joined Honey & Wax Booksellers later in the year with her headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

Her marriage

The husband of Rebecca Romney is JP Romney, an American historian, and novelist. A graduate of history, JP Romney published a variety of books including The Monster on the Road Is Me, a young adult novel. JP is biologically linked to the former Republican nominee for the presidency of the USA, Mitt Romney.

Rebecca lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband today.