All Facts and Info That You Would Like to Know About Ricegum: His Girlfriend, Real Name & Net Worth

Ricegum is a game player who has taken advantage of the digital era and made himself a star on the internet.

Though Ricegum started to play YouTuber, he soon became a controversial internet star after several disservices. Here is what you need to know about the young man who has smashed the hopes of his mother to become a comedy doctor.

Ricegum: Age, Real Name, Bio, Facts, Parents

Born of the Vietnamese parents, Luat Quang Le and Quang Ly Lely, Ricegum was born on 19 November 1996 in Bryan Le. Bryan was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was raised in Spring Valley at Sierra Vista High School.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is reportedly visited by Ricegum but left in 2016 in an effort to concentrate its interests on others.

While the Asian-American Youtuber has a social media personality, he needs to differentiate his private life from his life, sharing little or no information on his family to the public to avoid Internet trolls or harassment.

However, Bryan is possibly from a family-oriented average household through some of his videos. Initially, his parents hoped to pick up a medical career, but the young boy had other interested parties which eventually developed into an internet career.

Ricegum’s Career

A dedicated video game enthusiast, in October 2012 Ricegum debuted on Youtube and Twitter as a teenager. Here he started uploading videos on his RiceGum YouTube channel of popular games such as Call of Duty.

His popularity quickly grew among teenagers and game enthusiasts, and over the years his channel brought millions of users. Moreover, Ricegum is known to cooperate with Machinima and Twitch streamer Mia Khalifa, a YouTube games and video entertainment network.

The divisive YouTuber is known for humorously trolling and roasting celebrities. In 2015, he had an ironic rise of interest in his scandal.

His video The kids must be stopped whereby Loren Beech, Jacob Sartorius, and Hunter Rowland scoffed at prominent young web stars and ultimately became one of his most successful social media posts.

In the video, Ricegum chastised the young actors, who he thought were sexually unfit for their age to post vidéos. As predicted, his videos and comments on the subject had mixed responses but Ricegum had a really good job creation because it only enhanced his credibility. Via his channel that he uses for satire, he continues to enjoy success.

More About Ricegum

1. YouTuber is 8 inches long and weighs 60 kg at a height of 5 feet.

2. On different social media sites, Ricegum has amassed a wide group of people. It has over five million YouTube subscribers and over three million Instagram followers.

4. Like some other streamers, Ricegum once lost the hint of Twitch, the popular online gaming site and was barred from viewing after showing viewers a mid-stream BB gun.

Ricegum’s Net Worth

Since leaving school to concentrate on his internet career, Ricegum has gained a modest financial portfolio. While he didn’t publicly confirm what he’s made from social media, Bryan estimates his monthly revenue at about 115,000 dollars. It is estimated that its net value is around 1 million dollars, a figure expected to rise in the near future.

About Ricegum’s sister

Ricegum’s Asian parents seem to have beside him, other children. While little information is available to the public about his parents and family, we are aware that the Youtuber has two younger siblings – a sister and a brother.

Ricegum’s sister once fell victim to social media trolling after sharing a video of her but was surprised by the kind of negative feedback and comments received by post. Ricegum and his family are currently living in Nevada but plan to move to their own place.

Ricegum’s Relationship Status, Daughter

Ricegum is a guy who feels too disgusting to attract the opposite sex to his ideal spec. The internet star says he has no girlfriend and no girl has ever been associated with him romantically.

In view of his claims, the sexuality of Ricegum has lifted his eyes but he has also cleared the air of speculation by emphasizing categorically his straightness.

Earlier, the YouTuber once said that he never wanted a daughter but sometime in 2017, when he posted videos about a sweet little girl that he believed to be his daughter, he shocked his fans.

But it remains unclear if the girl really is his daughter since Ricegum was not publicly affiliated with any baby mom nor had it explained his supposed daughter’s speculation.