Who is Roger Miklos? Know About His Age, Bio, Job, Father

He has worked in cities like Reno, Nevada, Arrowhead, California, and the Nassau Bahamas to keep law and order at a young age. After retirement at the end of his career, he went into the seas as a treasure seeker and met the likes of the discovery-worthy Kip Wagner and Astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Miklos’ last breath on earth was long, but his successes on the sea have been a trial in history for many. Get to know his background, his profile, and the legend’s family life.

Who is Roger Miklos?

Roger Miklos was born in 1942, a former police officer who was turned into a treasure hunter. The exact date of January 6 shall be set by a source although the date during its earth period was not verified or debunked by the subject. Although his birthday may doubt, he was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio all in the US, in Summerland Key, Florida, an open secret.

Not much is known about the American’s upbringing and educational achievements except the basic speculation that before he became a police officer he only attended secondary school.

The date on which he joined the police force is unknown, but sources suggest that he was a police officer in the 1970s. As an officer, Roger has been employed in various American cities, including Reno in Nevada, Arrowhead Lake in California, and even the DEA in the capital of the Bahamas in Nassau.

The relentless thrill of the former police officer tended toward a potential discovery of the treasure at the bottom of the sea that drove him closer to the sea in his search.

After a very long study through books of the treasure he had read, he moved to Cocoa Beach in Florida with his family and searched the ocean for coins, and selected his metal detector. Kip Wagner, a retired carpenter who has had close attention and moved along the same route in his life was found after a long spur in the sea.

He was believed to be sailing along the beaches of Florida for more than seven years until finding El Capitan’s wreck in an isolated bay in 1958 at 8 feet of water. Wagner gave work to Roger, which Roger described as a “peon.” The duo built a great team that enabled Roger Miklos to be a professional treasure hunting business.

In quest of treasures, Roger excavated shipwreck sites. During his service, he also met with the Astronaut Gordon Cooper, another hunter on his behalf.

In the summer, he had to plunge in the swim jacket with ice cubes to keep body temperature down, to prevent him from sweating too much underwater and drying. He was a treasure jacket hunter. He also said that, like most other divers, he had almost every tooth in his mouth crushed into the wave by the boat.

Despite the many efforts that Miklos had made in his new career, many discoveries were reported, the remarkable being that artifacts were discovered from a treasure vessel named Atocha, which in 1622 fell from Florida with an estimated cargo of 60 million dollars. During her lifetime, the Merv Griffin Show starred Roger Miklos. He also appeared at Cooper’s Treasure – a channel of exploration.

After about four decades as a treasure hunter, Roger retired from his cardiac arrest on February 19, 2018, and was finally handed over to his son, Darrell at the age of 76. On 4 April 2018, Roger’s remnants were put to rest in the Key West United Methodist Church in Key West in his honor.

Father of Darrell Miklos

William and Marie Miklos were born to Roger Miklos. He has two siblings; Darrell and Bill, two brothers, and Judy. He has a sister. The occupations of his parents and his siblings are not otherwise known. Roger grew up and married in his own right and had his own family. His first wedding brought Laurie, Darrell, Kelly, and Kim to his four daughters.

He did not produce a baby until his second marriage with his wife, Sheila. His uncle, Darrell Miklos, a television personality and treasure hunter who also stars in the treasure hunt of Cooper, was inculcated into the craft of treasure chasing. His son has a net value of 1,5 million dollars.