Roy Horn

Roy Horn was the half-magician of Siegfried Fischbacher. Moreover, he was half of the headlining Las Vegas magical duo Siegfried & Roy who survived severe injuries after an onstage tiger attack. In the year 1957, while Roy was working as a waiter on an ocean liner, he met Siegfried Fischbacher, who was working as a steward while performing magic tricks on the side. The world lost one of the legendary magicians, Roy Horn after he died on 8 May 2020 after contracting COVID-19 during the global pandemic. He died aged 75. 

Legendary Magician Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy Dies From COVID-19

Legendary Magician Roy Horn died on 8 May 2020. One of the members of Siegfried & Roy, Roy Horn died of COVID-19 aged 75 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The duo’s spokesman, Dave Kirvin confirmed Horn’s death. The COVID-19 was announced as the cause of his death. It was announced on 28 April 2020 that Horn tested positive for COVID-19. He was receiving treatment at Mountain View Hospital in Las Vegas. However, his condition deteriorated leading towards his death. 

Following Roy Horn’s death, his longtime partner and friend, Siegfried Fischbacher paid his tribute to Horn. He said, “the world has lost one of the greats of magic, but I have lost my best friend”. 

What is Roy Horn Famous For?

  • The half-magician of Siegfried Fischbacher. 
  • Survived by the tiger attack onstage. 


When was Roy Horn born?

Roy Horn was born on 3rd October 1944, in Nordenham, Germany. His real name is Uwe Ludwig Horn. His nationality was German-American and his ethnicity was White. He was Christian by religion. He was the youngest of four sons. Roy’s father was an orchestra leader who went on to fight at the front during World War II. His parents divorced after World War II and his mother remarried. Roy’s mother remarried a construction worker and later began work in a factory. Roy had three brothers: Manfred, Alfred, and Werner. He spent much of his time with a beloved half-dog, half-wolf named Hexe, an animal whom Horn claimed once saved his life. He often found solace at the Bremen Zoo. 

How Roy Horn met Seigfried Fischbacher?

  • When he was working as a waiter on an ocean liner, Horn met Siegfried Fischbacher, who was working as a steward while performing magic tricks on the side. It was in the year 1957.
  • After that, Roy volunteered to be Siegfried’s assistant.
  • They began collaborating, upping the ante from making a rabbit disappear to vanishing a cheetah.
  • They performed throughout Europe, playing for little money for the five years. 
  • Later, they received their big break while performing at a casino in Monte Carlo, where a scout spotted them and invited them to do their act in Las Vegas.
  • They have been combining magic tricks with tiger stunts in Las Vegas for more than 30 years, at first with shared billing and eventually as their own show. 
  • The duo has created a special compound outside of Las Vegas for the birthing, care, and conservation of these animals.
  • In June 2016, it was announced that they would be producing a biopic film, documenting their lives.

How did Tiger attack Roy Horn?

  • On 3rd October 2003, during a show at the Mirage, a seven-year-old white tiger named Mantecore (frequently misspelled Montecore or Mantacore) attacked Roy.
  • Trainers were finally able to get the tiger to release Roy after spraying him with CO2 canisters, the last resort available.
  • The attack severed Roy’s spine, inflicted critical blood loss, and caused severe injuries to other parts of his body, permanently affecting his ability to move, walk, and speak. 
  • He remained partially paralyzed but continued to insist that the animal was not at fault. 
  • The show was closed down indefinitely following the incident.
  • He claimed that he fainted on stage and that the 380-pound tiger was only trying to help him by dragging him off stage. 
  • By September 2005, he was walking on his own.
  • Trainer Lawrence later said he believed that Siegfried & Roy and the Mirage covered up the real reason for the attack in order to protect their image and brand.


When did Roy Horn Retire?

  • In February 2009, they staged a final appearance with Mantecore as a benefit for the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute (although Chris Lawrence, the animal handler who interceded in the Mantecore incident, has stated that this performance involved a different tiger). Their performance was recorded for broadcast on ABC television’s 20/20 program as well.
  • Horn joined Siegfried Fischbacher to become the magical act Siegfried & Roy, putting on headlining Las Vegas shows for almost three decades. In 2003, Horn was mauled on stage by one of the tigers used in the act and suffered major injuries. He has since recuperated and retired, and the duo reunited for a final appearance in 2009. On 23rd April 2010, Siegfried & Roy retired from show business. 

What is the Net Worth of Roy Horn?

The net worth of Roy Horn will be surely in million as he has accumulated a huge amount of money from his magic career. As of now, his exact net worth is unknown. Moreover, his salary is still being calculated. The pair (Roy Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher) are worth a combined total of $120 million. Without a doubt, he lived a luxurious lifestyle from his earnings. 

Were Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn Lovers?

Siegfried and Roy were the longtime magician duo, former lovers, and lifelong friends. The couple had rarely talked about their relationship or about their sexuality publicly. After Roy suffered life-altering injuries in an onstage attack by a tiger, Montecore, Siegfried Fischbacher became a caregiver for Roy Horn. They lived on an estate in Las Vegas called Little Bavaria, which is equipped with hip-high railings along winding paths. Horn could walk short distances and could only talk with difficulty. The closeness of their relationship was apparent on the 27th September 2019 episode of 20/20. The Hollywood Reporter also described Roy Horn as Siegfried Fischbacher’s former lover in an article from 29th March 2019. 

How tall was Roy Horn?

Roy Horn, being at the age of 75, still looked very handsome with a charming personality attracting a lot of people towards him. His body build was average. He has got a perfect height matching with his body weight. His height was estimated to have between 1.65 m to 1.88 m whereas his exact height was unrevealed yet. His weight was also estimated to have 83 Kg as per sources. His other body measurements are unknown yet. Overall, he had got a healthy body.

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