Everything You Must Know About Sarah Barthel: Age, Bio, Early life, Career, Net Worth

Sarah Barthel is a Greenwich electronic music duo, Phantogram, an American artist of rock, a keyboarder, and a half (formerly Charlie Everywhere). Although a successful singer by herself, Shaun White, the professional snowboarder of three Olympian medals is more distinguished in her long-term relationship.

Their relationship has been an important part of the public persona of the duo and many have been wondering about its true state.

Backstage of Sarah Barthel and Shaun White

It’s funny that even a fortune meeting can have an impact on a person’s life, such as how the day Shawn White-met Sarah Barthel probably thought a whole different thing.

The year was 2013, and Sarah occurred in the backstage of Saturday nightlife with some cosmic shift throughout the world the same time Shawn was on the set. Barthel was based at that time in Brooklyn, while White is said to be in New York. Home hunting.

Years later Barthel was generous enough to offer him a city tour, as White told The Sunday Morning Herald, following the meeting. At that time, the snowboarder did not exactly seek to have a serious relationship. Still, between them, something began and they became friends.

Sarah was a nice addition to White, someone who thought of him as a good friend and as a caregiver outside of his job and his objectives. Slowly, but surely, things became more dynamic and the couple became more friends.

Because destiny would again have it, an incident in a bad apartment inadvertently shifted their relationship. White revealed how he asked Sarah to move in when they and Josh rented an uncomfortable flat in East LA while they were recording there is a conversation with PEOPLE.

Although it began as a convenient arrangement, there flourished their relationship. The couple came home to Barthel’s dog, Leroy, and became co-parent.

May Breake Sarah Barthel and Shawn White

While White said that while they were together, he didn’t go in the headspace for marriage and children, one day he said he was sure. But Barthel and White appear to have split ways while they were looking for an engagement. Sadly, we can’t tell the couple what has gone down.

Happy days for the beloved couple could be over for Sarah Barthel: Source of image
Your romance details have always been low, but Sarah’s Instagram posts still exist occasionally. Barthel hasn’t been seen with White since April 2019, in addition to following him on the app. He was seen on her page about the same time.

The athlete appears, in the meantime, to be full with Nina Dobrev, a Vampire Diary star, whom he rumored to have come for our magazine.

Becky Took her Own Life, Sarah Barthel’s Sister

The band partner Sarah, Josh Carter, was raised in Greenwich together with her older sister, Rebecca Claire Barthel. The two people had much to say about Rebecca, who they learned about her death during their interview with Complex on the third album Three.

The family duo shows that they are quite close to Rebbeca about their relationship (or Becky, as they called her). Rebecca was described as a hero by both Sarah and Josh. Not only was it a special person and a brilliant star who influenced everyone around her, including her sister. She was also laughing on several occasions.

Unfortunately, she also struggled with her mental health, under her impressive ability to make people laugh around her.

The female singer said in another interview with AFSP that her sister had been fighting depression and distress throughout her life. Sarah revealed that Becky tried to deal with alcohol and self-medication before she eventually succumbed to and committed suicide in January 2016.

She also said that while she was younger, she tried to commit suicide several times, even if they didn’t talk about it.

How does the singer handle the tragic demise of her sister?

As the duo told the Complex about their third album Three, their anger and sadness at Becky’s loss were significantly influenced. This was not the full extent of its impact, however.

Sarah Barthel shares her regret, like many others who have lost their loved ones to suicide, for not having done enough to help her sister fight against depression. She said in the AFSP interview that Becky’s death was the most difficult she ever had to deal with.

Ravaged by sorrow, Sarah was not only guilty of this huge loss but fortunately, with treatment, she could grow through it. She had Josh, who had been with her as one of her sister’s closest friends all along, not alone in this difficult period.

Shawn White also flew from Switzerland to hear the tragic news at that time. Sarah was a good friend of her, Miley Cyrus, who helped Sarah get through the dark after Becky died.

And finally, she was also thankful for her music, which served as an outlet for expressing her feelings.

Sarah Barthel’s Journey to Music Career

Sarah Demarest Barthel was born in Greenwich, New York City on 17 February 1983 and was the second daughter of Bruce Barthel and Claire Demarest. She studied visual arts at Champlain College in Vermont. In 2007, however, she left to pursue a music career.

On her return home, she ran into her childhood friend, Josh Carter, a band he formed in New York City with his brother, who just left Grand Habit. The two returned to their mutual friendship with underground hip hop after their meeting. They began working with Sarah to finalize a few of the earliest songs of Carter.

The duo soon named their little band Charlie Everywhere and started to play live performances around Saratoga Springs. They began to record songs from the Sub-Bombin Records label and released two EPs: Charlie Everywhere EP 1 and 2.

From Charlie to Phantogram, from Everywhere to Phantogram.
A record deal was signed with the UK label Barely Breaking Even, in January 2009. Charlie Everywhere was Phantogram during this period. It was.

The band dropped its eponymous debut EP in May of that year. They went through it with Running From the Cops, Barely Breaking Even. Later in September the UK-based label Barely Breaking Even released his first album Eyelid Movies.

In February 2010, the United States was soon followed by Barsuk’s release. Films were ranked 7th on the US Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and received a favorable assessment.

Yet their second record, Voices (2014), was their single Fall in Love, which brought Phantogram to the forefront. In September 2017, RIAA certified an explosive fan base and a gold certificate. No.11 on ‘Billboard 200′ and No.3 onTop Rock Albums’ debuted on the album.

Phantom donated in May 2018 to the United States Foundation for Suicide Prevention in honor of Sarah’s late sister Becky the proceeds from their singles, Someday and Saturday.

In March 2020 the duo released their fourth studio album Ceremony featuring four songs, among them Into Happiness, which peaked at 21st on the chart for US Alt Airplay.