Savannah Miller, fashion designer is engaged to aristocratic boyfriend, Jim Whewell.

American-British actress Sienna Miller’s elder sister, Savannah Miller, 42 is engaged to her wealthy boyfriend, Jim Whewell. Savannah made the happy announcement on her social media for her loyal friends who were also thrilled for her.

Savannah Miller and Jim Wheel: the engagement

It was a joyous moment for Savannah Miller, the elder sister of actress Sienna Miller, 39. Her aristocratic boyfriend, Jim Whewell proposed to her and she said yes. Savannah announced this great news on her Instagram. She posted a photo of herself with her now-fiance. She also uploaded photos of her sparkling engagement ring and wrote:

I didn’t think this Christmas could get any more special. Yet, in classic magic Jim fashion, I received the best gift I could ever have wished for.

‘The promise of a life filled with love and joy and this man,’

Savannah and Jim: the engagement (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Earlier, Savannah who is a fashion designer by profession was in a romantic relationship with Bushcraft teacher Nick Skinner. They wed in 2005 but separated in 2018. The couple share three children together: Moses Skinner, 16, Lyra Skinner, 13 and Bali Skinner, 9. She has a step child Java Skinner, 26. Jim is an extremely wealthy person and an heir to the Wyresdale Park Estate in Lancaster which measures around 800-acre.

The complicated interfamily relationships

There has been quite an intermix of partners in this aristocratic circle. Jim has a sister-in-law named Ruth Guise who is now 49. She also happens to be Savannah’s best friend. And she is now dating Savannah’s ex-husband, Nick Skinner. When the two got together in 2020, Savannah was not upset. She had explained:

‘We [Nick and I] separated in February 2018 – neither of them needed to ask my permission to get together. As always, the wellbeing of the children is all of our priority.’

Sadie and Jude (Source: Access)

Also Sadie Frost was married to Sienna’s ex-fiance Jude Law.

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The relationship of Jim and Savannah

The couple’s relationship has been going strong. They began dating in July 2020. The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in fact helped their relationship to get closer. Jim and Savannah and her kids spent the time in her country house in Cotswolds. Jim came close to Savannah’s kids. He was involved in their home-schooling and helped one child in the science project.

Savannah with Nick (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Speaking to You magazine, Savannah had said:

‘The way things have worked out [with their father’s new relationship] is wonderful for the children because they have essentially only got one other family to deal with.

‘We [the four adults and the children] were a bubble during lockdown, and we were all together for Christmas and Easter. When a marriage comes to an end you can throw a bomb under the bus, or you can hold up your hands and say, “We’ve done everything we can and now we want to retain a healthy relationship for our children.”’

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