Sebastian Stan talks about cautious gun use on film sets! He is OK with rubber weapons during shoots!

Recently, there was an accidental gun firing and death on the sets of Alec Baldwin starrer movie Rust. Hollywood actor, Sebastian Stan spoke about this unfortunate event. He stated that the gun laws need to be reviewed and he does not mind using rubber weapons during the shoots.

Sebastian Stan on guns on sets

Hollywood actor, Sebastian Stan is unhappy about the recent death on the sets of the movie Rust. It happened as an accident when a loaded gun incidentally got fired and the bullet hit a person killing him. Sebastian has done a lot of action films in his career until now. He feels that the producers and directors of a film need to be extra cautious about the safety protocols on the set. He expressed:

It is so unfortunate and tragic. It is the scariest thing in the world, because when you come to set it is supposed to be the safest possible place. That is what the intention is. I know from my experience from some of those action films, there was so much communication going on at all times between the actors in all action sequences. Whether we were holding props or weapon of any sort of just hand-to-hand combat, we were always careful about where is that going , where is that pointing , do we need that for this shot. Can we get away without it.”

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan (Source: Men’s Health)

The accident on the sets of film Rust

The unfortunate and preventable death occurred on the sets of the action film Rust. The gun used in the shoot wax a real one and loaded. This incident happened in October 2021. Alec Baldwin was holding the gun when it accidentally got fired. The bullet went and hit cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The shot turned to be a fatal one and he died on the spot. Sebastian said that safety is of crucial importance especially after this incident. He said:

Obviously there were clearly real weapons involved and we never had any of that in any movies I worked on.”

Sebastian Stan
Halyna and Alec (Source: US Weekly)

He explained that the whole situation needs to be reassessed and made safe:

“Everyone testing those things out right before you go to action and then they get shown to actors. You have a certain distance you have to allow. It is a tedious process but a very valuable process that now we are going to have to reevaluate again,”

Sebastian and his work

The actor has worked in great and hit movies such as Captain America franchise, Avengers series, The Last Full Measure (released in 2019) and The 355. He is OK with use of rubber take weapons:

“It shouldn’t happen. It cannot happen. I don’t care at this point, I am fine with a rubber weapon , if that is what it needs to be. You do not need to fire from anything, the technology has advanced. It is beyond upsetting to even comprehend how something like that can happen. We had a pretty great safety team on the sets of my film The 355. It is something we (Hollywood) will have to look at and figure out what is necessary at this point.”

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan (Source: Wikipedia)

Short bio on Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor. More bio…