Everything You Need to Know About Seiko Yamamoto: Age, Bio, Facts, Husband, Parents, Siblings

In the world there are several activities, mostly consisting of male competitors, one of which is wrestling. Today women still play wrestling and Seiko Yamamoto is one of the world’s famous wrestlers.

She is a Japanese wrestler who won almost every tournament she has honored, including four world championship titles and two Asian titles in her short span of play.

Yamamoto is also named the MLB franchise wife, Yu Darvish, Chicago Cubs pro baseball pitcher. Scroll more for an overview of Yu Darvish’s mom, and everything you need to know.

 Seiko Yamamoto’s Age, Bio, Father, Career

The professional wrestler was born in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, on 22 August 1980. She is the youngest of the three kids who came from Ikuei Yamamoto, the ex-Japanese wrestler who still has an unknown name. Regarding their purchase, there is no detail as this was not announced to the media by the former World Wrestler.

Seiko Yamamoto started wrestling at the age of three when she followed in her father’s footsteps, being the daughter of former Olympic wrestling.

She grew to be one of Japan’s renowned women wrestlers. Since the start of her wrestling career, she has almost won each important competition in which she participated. The winners of the World Wrestling Championships in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 and two Asian games were her achievements.

Although, as she lost to Saori Yoshida in the Japan Queen’s Cup, she did not qualify for the Summer Olympics 2004 when Yoshida took the Olympic Gold in 2004.

More About Seiko Yamamoto, the wife of Yu Darvish

Seiko Yamamoto’s Marriage

First Seiko Yamamoto tied the knot in 2006 to Hideaki Nagashima, a Japanese handball player. With two sons, the marriage was blessed. They split in 2014, sadly.

Yamamoto exchanged matrimonial vows with MLB franchise’s pro baseball pitcher, Yu Darvish, in 2015, in Chicago Cubs. The pair are considered to be astute in revealing personal information, as no specifics of their marriage have been released to the public. Her husband, however, announced their son’s arrival on 30 July 2015 via social media. The couple has been sharing two sons until 2017 when they became their second child.

 Seiko Yamamoto’s Career as a Coach

Seiko Yamamoto has resumed the duty of the American freestyle wrestling team since her retirement from wrestling. In her guard, Helen Maroulis won the first gold medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016 in the United States by conquering Japanese multi-olympian gold medalist, Saori Yoshida. Under the guard, she was a winner in the United States.

 Seiko Yamamoto’s Father

Ikuei Yamamoto, her dad, was a former Japanese wrestler who participated in the Olympic Summer 1972 and finished 7th. He has taught all his children in the area of wrestling at Nippon Sport Science University.

 Seiko Yamamoto’s Sibling Sister Miyuu Yamamoto

The elder sister of Seiko Yamamoto, Miyuu Yamamoto is an acclaimed Japanese mixed-martial artist and wrestler with the stage name, Fighting Queen Bee. It has won 7 titles at the All-Japan Women’s Championships, 3 open titles World Women’s Championships, 1 Asian Wrestling title, and one Nordhagen Classic Contest title for herself in the wrestling world. It has won 7 All-Japan Women’s Championship titles. Her other Mixed Martial Art records include five victories and three defeats.

 Seiko Yamamoto’s Sibling Brother, Norifumi Yamamoto

Norifumi Yamamoto was also Yamamoto’s brother, a mixed martial artist, and kickboxer, who fought before his death on the UFC bantamweight branch.

His record contains 1 victory and 3 defeats, while his mixed martial record consists of 18 victories, 13 by knockout, 2 by submission, and 3 by choice. He also won the 2005 Hero’s Grand Prix Tournament in Middleweight, the 2005 Featherweight Fighter of the Year All Japan Amateur Shooto Tournament, and recorded in a very short knockout (0.04) of K-1 Hero.

Sadly, stomach cancer had been diagnosed in 2016, but at that point, he preserved it in the wrapping. He made it publicly known by his Instagram handle on 26 August 2018. He died on 18 September 2018, sadly.

What’s The Height of  Seiko Yamamoto

The total height of Seiko Yamamoto is 5 meters and 5 inches (1.65 m). The media may not know the specifics of its weight and body measurement.