Shauna Rae speaks about her parents, new fame, and dating and fertility

The new cast of TLC, Shauna Rae spoke exclusively to Hollywood Life. She gave an insight about her personal life.

Shauna Rae and her life after fame

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Dwarf actress, Shauna Rae is 22 years old but she has a height of just 3 feet and 10 inches which is the height of a 8 year old child. She has her own program on TLC called I am Shauna Rae. The season 1 filming has ended and the show airs this year. Shauna has gained fame and she spoke about her life exclusively to Hollywood Life.

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae (Source: E Online)

Shauna revealed that after fame 9t much has changed. It is only that the attention she draws from the public had increased. She said:

“I do think that I always kind of attract some kind of attention to myself because I’ve always looked different. I’ve carried myself differently. But now that the show has aired, it’s just heightened.”

“It’s just been an adjustment.”

Shauna talks about her parents

The little actress revealed that she was supposed to move out of her parents’ house. But it did not happen still due to the pandemic and her financial status. Additionally, Shauna admitted that are parents are very overprotective. That was because they had lost her when she was small. Shauna had a rare form of brain cancer when she was a little baby. She underwent treatment for it. The therapy damaged her pituitary gland leading to hormonal problem and growth retardation.

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae with her family (Source: Hollywood Life)

But Shauna added that her parents are gradually coming to terms now that she is an adult and can manage things herself. But it is hard for them.

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Shauna and her dating and fertility

The stunted reality TV star stated that she had gone on a blind date earlier. And now her show producers have found someone else for her dating but she has not yet been with him for a date. She said:

When it comes to dating, my perception is it’ll happen when it happens. I am very focused on me and getting my life together because I don’t think in a relationship you should have to not have anything together. You kind of should be your own individual person first. So I’m really working on that and if someone comes along, I won’t pass them up.”

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae (Source: OtakuKart)

She added that with fame comes pros and cons and she will have to be careful in dating:

I do know that more people find me attractive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the best intentions for me.”

In the future, she wants to do a lot of things for the welfare of stunted people. She said:

I do want to explore the clothing industry because I know that clothing for smaller-statured women is difficult to find. I would like to do something with that.”

Besides, she wants to help animals, learn driving, try to solve emotional issues of dwarfism and how people deal with dwarfs, and openly discuss on fertility issues of short people and cancer survivors.