Singer Rihanna pregnant with ASAP Rocky’s baby! Will she be able to tame him?

Singer Rihanna, the famous pop star and a billionaire businesswoman is pregnant with ASAP Rocky’s baby. She posted the news on her Instagram just a day back. But will she be able to tame her baby daddy?

Singer Rihanna and her pregnancy

One of the world’s most famous pop stars, singer Rihanna is pregnant. It is controversial rapper ASAP Rocky’s baby. The 33-year-old rock star posted the great news on her Instagram with some photos showing off her baby bump. This will be Rihanna’s first child.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky (Source: The Sun UK)

The couple uploaded on their respective Instagram pages photos of Rihanna in a a flowing open pink coat, tattered jeans, and jewellery revealing her growing baby bump. The New York snow did not deter her from keeping her tummy bare. In another snap, she is exposing her bump and ASAP Rocky is missing her on her forehead. Her head is bent and she has kept both her hands in her jeans’ pockets.

Rihanna and her wild man

The female popstar, Rihanna has a lot of achievements to her credit. She is a talented singer with a number of awards and nominations. She is an entrepreneur and a wealthy businesswoman. Thanks wields a lot of influence and is a tourism and education ambassador in her native Barbados. Also, she is hailed as a National Hero of the Caribbean island.

Rihanna (Source: Instagram)

But despite all her affluence and talent, she has a big challenge ahead of her; to domesticate ASAP Rocky. Her boyfriend has a violent past history. He is entangled in legal problems and was a sex addict. He had a public feud with Rita Ora and had rapped on it. But no doubt he has talent in him. A source said:

“This guy is a talent, but he is a livewire too, and the real question here is whether he can leave all of these incidents behind him and focus on starting a family, or whether they will flare up again.

“He’s totally besotted with Rihanna, there’s no doubt about that. He’s barely left her side in two years and he knows this is the real deal, and she’s a very strong person herself.

“She won’t stand for nonsense, but once a baby is in the mix he is going to have to dramatically change his behaviour.”

Rihanna’s father, Ronald feels that Rocky is a great cool guy.

The relationship timeline of Rihanna and Rocky

The couple, Rocky and Rihanna began dating in 2020. They were close pals and Rocky confessed that he was ‘infatuated’ with her always. But at that time, Rihanna was dating rappers Drake and Travis Scott. Later, she had relationship with Saudi businessman, Hassan Jameel. And after she broke up with Hassan, Rocky entered her life. Earlier, Rocky was dating other female celebrities that included a brief romance period with Kendall Jenner.

Rihanna with ASAP Rocky (Source: Getty Images)

It was in late 2020 that the couple posted snaps together of them on a holiday trip. Rihanna is a strong lady herself. And Rocky wears his heart on his sleeve. He had once said:

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I won’t do nothing that I’m not proud speaking of. So they get with a guy like me. They know I don’t want to break their hearts or nothing.”

And now comes the baby news of Rihanna with Rocky. Fans are concerned for Rihanna. Time will tell whether she has been successful in getting him onto the straight and narrow path of life with her.

Short bio on Singer Rihanna

Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, pop icon, actress, and businesswoman. More bio…