Necessary Facts on Skip Bayless’s Wife Ernestine Sclafani’s Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Facts, Family

The name Skip Bayless will definitely be known to sports fans. While details about Ernestine Sclafani, a wife in whose arms he found love for the second time, are perhaps easily accessible.

Although it is a controversial sports columnist and TV personality Besides Skip’s career path from major networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports, few know he shares a lot professionally and personally with his wife. Less known facts on Ernestine Sclafani can be found.

Who is Ernestine Sclafani?

Established in New York in 1962, Ernestine Sclafani is a New Yorker. A pretty private woman, her parents, her siblings, her family history, her early life, and elementary education are not given details. It is however well known that in her hometown of Long Island she was born and born in a respectable household. Sclafani is a graduate of Suffolk Country Community College in 1986 for her tertiary education. In addition, the specialization field of Ernestine is uncertain.

Sclafani’s profession and job history are still very poorly educated. It is, however, certain that she has developed a solid career as a publicist, according to public records. Her first well-known work started as Public Relations Director at the Ball Of Switzerland in 1990. Before moving to greener pastures, she spent ten years with the organization.

The next job for Sclafani was a similar one. Apparently, she has proved her worth in the public relations industry and is currently vice president of Weber Shandwick, a leading public relations agency. Besides these, the career efforts, goals, and objectives of Ernestine Sclafani are little or nothing else understood.

Ernestine Sclafani’s Husband. How did The Couple meet?

Ernestine Sclafani married Skip Bayless, a leading televised figure and sports journalist. The couple’s love story is fascinating. First, during his still work at ESPN and a business meeting with Kevin Dillion, Ernestine crossed paths with her husband. At their first meeting, both parties exchanged free cards and agreed to go a few days later.

Its first date was very interesting, as Ernestine Sclafani was particularly told by the sharp-long Bayless that his work would always take precedence over it. The comment was really good for the PR officer who also enjoys her work. This reality became ironically one of the uniting factors for the pair, including other shared interests. They linked themselves together to mutual interests such as love of 1960s pop, classic sitcom, I Love Lucy, and Woody Allen.

Soon after, the pair developed a romantic relationship and today history remains. Apart from the fact that the ultra-private couple has been dating secretly for many years, the wedding details have stayed undercover. It is assumed, however, that in a small ceremony which was attended solely by close relatives and friends they exchanged marital vows.

It is not uncertain whether they have any children or whether they are nursing to obtain knowledge about their personal lives in the near future, for reasons that are best known to them. Irrespective of her discreet lifestyle, Ernestine and Skip are assumed to live and grow stronger in their best lives.

The pair have a long-distance relationship due to the complexities of their employment. Sclafani then worked in Manhattan and her husband was just working together at weekends in Connecticut. Ironically, the gap was one of the secrets of a long-term marriage for the pair, because love conquers all its obstacles.

Though Ernestine Sclafani’s marriage is first, it’s her husband’s second. Bayless claims to be in four long-term communications before he was married to his sweetheart of high school, who is undisclosed in her identity. The circumstances surrounding his first marriage and divorce have not been revealed, like most other information about the sports journalist.

Skip Bayless’ wife’s height and other facts

Net Worth

The private lifestyle of Ernestine Sclafani has left the media with speculation, both professionally and domestically. It remains unclear if she has any other means of livelihood and that she has no public information on her exact income and net worth.


No information on the height, weight, and other body measurements of Ernestine is available easily. However, it is fair to assume that the blonde woman has enviable physics since she is using her physical characteristics.

Social Media Platformorm

It is no wonder that Ernestine Sclaphani shies away from both the mass media and from social media considering her reclusive lifestyle. She is not active on popular websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.