Soon-Yi Previn

The adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow and musician Andre Previn is Soon-Yi Previn. She is the wife of filmmaker Woody Allen.

Previn’s Early Life

Soon-Yi Previn was born in South Korea. Her true age and date of birth are unknown. So it was estimated based on a bone scan. The estimated birth date on her passport indicates a date of birth of 8 October 1970. She states that as a young child, she wandered the streets of Seoul starving and living out of trash cans. She was then placed in an orphanage. She was adopted by Farrow and then Andre in 1978.

She attended Marymount School of New York and Rider University. She graduated from Drew University and earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Columbia University.

In 1979, Mia Farrow ended their relationship to Andre Previn. Then she began a relationship with Woody Allen. Allen adopted Farrow’s adopted children named Dylan Farrow and Moses Farrow. Later Farrow gave birth to Ronan Farrow in 1987.

In 1992, she stated that she and her brother Moses Farrow was physically abused by Mia Farrow.

Previn’s Career

  • In 1968, she made an appearance on ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’.
  • In 1991, she appeared in the film entitled ‘Scenes from a Mall’.
  • In 1997, she appeared in the documentary named ‘Wild Man Blues’ alongside Allen.

Previn’s Personal Life

Previn is married. In 1991, her relationship with Woody Allen began. their affair came to light when Farrow discovered Previn’s nude photograph by Allen. But Allen denied the sexual assault on Allen’s part.

In 1992, Farrow broke the relationship with Allen. And on 22 December 1997, Allen and Previn got married in Venice. They have adopted two children together named Bechet Dumaine Allen and Manzie Tio Allen.

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