Starlit Zhao

Famous for being a YouTuber.

Who is Starlit Zhao?

JinBop’s YouTube channel, ‘JinBop Gaming,’ is well-known. “Minecraft ULTIMATE KING OF THE TOWER” and “Minecraft Deathrun! RUN FOR YOUR DEATHS!” are two of JinBop’s most popular Minecraft videos.

How old is Starlit Zhao? Birth, Zodiac, Lucky Stone, Lucky Color

As of 2022, Starlit Zhao is 30 years old. Zhao was born on November 18, 1992, in Bellevue, Washington, in the United States. The zodiac sign of Starlit Zhao is a Scorpio by birth. His lucky color is blue, and his lucky stone is ruby.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Starlit Zhao stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. He is 56 kg in weight. His eyes are dark brown, and his hair is blonde.

Starlit Zhao: Nationality, Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

There is no information about his family or educational history accessible.

Education Details: University, School, Graduation

His academic credentials are now being kept secret from the public.

Relationship Status: Starlit Zhao is Single?

He is currently unattached. Jin may have dated someone in the past, but he has never mentioned it. As a result, he has not yet made his dating history public. He is not currently dating anyone and is focusing on his profession.

JinBop controversies
Since August 10, 2016, Jin has ceased uploading and his admirers had been seeking to contact him via social media. Scarce, a YouTube news channel, posted a video on September 9, 2016, in which JinBop was related to child pornography, including the manufacturing of child pornography. Scarce and his reporting crew discovered Jin’s real name was consistent with public court paperwork detailing JinBop’s offenses and detention after obtaining it behind the scenes. Scarce also mentioned in the video that he and his team believe his absence from YouTube and Twitter is due to being detained, held in detention, and court.

Soon after, DramaAlert produced a video on their channel breaking down the news report, citing Scarce as the source. Scarce’s video prompted several YouTubers, including Yammy Xox, CavemanFilms, and SkyDoesMinecraft, to simply say, “Wow…”

Professional Career and Achievements

  • JinBop is well-known for his involvement in video games with SkyDoesMinecraft, House Owner, and ThatGuyBarney. He used to record his videos alongside Adam, Ross, Barney, Tim Tim or TimDotTV (their editor), and Max or Mithzan (their other editor) at a Washington office, but he quit the Sky Media Offices to pursue a solo career.
  • Jin, Adam, Ross, Barney, Nick (SGCBarbierian), and Jess (Aphmau) make roleplays and plan when to upload them. One of their series is “The Crafting Dead.”
    Nick started the ‘Role Play’ series alongside GhettoGamer, AK, and 09Sharkboy in 2014. They met some people who are now members of the group, but others are no longer alive.
  • Furthermore, they encountered a cannibal Red (RedVacktor), who is their adversary. They first met him in either Season 1 or Season 2. Nick and Ghetto met a girl named Jess in Season 3 and she joined their team.
  • In Season 4, they met a person named Barney, and when they met, Nick and the others were in his house without realizing it.
  • Adam, Jin, Barney, Ross, and Nick had a series about pirates. Captain Jin’s British ship, with First Mate Sky, Deckhand Barney, and Cabin Boy Ross. Jin assigned Sky to the night shift, which rapidly turned into a nightmare.
  • Everyone else on board died when the ship hit an iceberg. They were stranded on an island and required supplies to survive. Jin, Sky, and Barney intended to go treasure hunting on the island. Ross was left behind to watch over the refuge.
  • They walked by skeletons on their journey to find riches and found a base packed with gold and skeletons. Jin thought it was a bad idea to stare at the skeletons because they might end up like that if they stayed there.
  • When they returned to the shelter, they noticed Ross searching for help by burning wood.
  • In 2015, JinBop joined SkyDoesMinecraft’s SkyMedia firm. JinBop starred in a slew of videos until late November 2015, when he dropped out. On SkyVSGaming’s channel, his most recent video was a GTA video.
  • JinBop announced in SkyDoesMinecraft’s mail video on December 4, 2015, that he had decided to depart SkyMedia and continue on his own YouTube channel due to artistic differences.

How much does Starlit Zhao earn? Net worth

This brilliant YouTuber surely earns a decent salary from his trade. He has not disclosed his net worth, salary, or other earnings.

Social Media Profile

He is not currently active on any social media platforms.

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